Your Questions About Facebook Login

Carol asks…

How to delete email addresses from Facebook login?

Okay. Whenever I get on Facebook and start typing my email it comes up automatically. I would like to change this, how?

(PS- I changed my email so I have to scroll down far just to get the new one.)

John answers:

Delete your cookies, then restore windows.

George asks…

Why is my facebook keep login off itself and at the end i can’t login in anymore?

I was using facebook. I was checking pictures and walls and marketplace and stuff. Then later it just log off itself after i loaded facebook page. I login in back again but it just kept doing the same thing. Till after 3 tries I can’t login anymore. Why is that?
Ryman, i changed the password like 4 times already. It still happens no matter what. If i did get hack, how come my profile has no changes?

John answers:

The causes of it logging off it self is if its signed into 2 locations so i would make sure if your on facebook on a another computer make sure its completly signed off

Sandy asks…

How do i delete my name coming up on facebook login?

I have a Mac. And sometimes i mess up my facebook loggin but it’s like stored somehow, so every time i go in to type my email ai … it has a long list of my mess ups. so is there away to remove all of those rememberd names? :) thanks!

John answers:

1. Go to Internet options.
2. Clear datas.
3. Go back to Internet…

I hope that helps!

James asks…

how do you change your facebook login email?

i can’t figure out how to change my login, which is my old email address from college which i have no access to.
anyone know how to change it to a new one with out having to check that other email?

John answers:

Account > Account Settings > Change email address

Sharon asks…

How do you get the Facebook login history deleted….?

I have tons of friends and family that have come over and logged in and when i go to find my name in the login like 30 names come up and i wanna know how to get rid of all of them and the saved passwords.? I tried to go to internet options and delete history but that just got rid of url stuff…

John answers:


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