Your Questions About Facebook Login

Robert asks…

After how many Facebook login attempts do they notify you?

Hi, I have a Facebook account and had no trouble trying to log in. I only once put in the wrong password, but got it right the second time. However, I got an email from Facebook saying sorry I struggled to get in and link on how to reset my password. Is this really from Facebook or a way for hackers to get into my account? I find it weird that they emailed me after just getting my password wrong once.

John answers:

It most likely is a fake email do not give them your info

James asks…

How to block profile picture and e-mail address when I enter wrong password on Facebook login page?

When I try to log in on the Facebook page and i enter the right e mail but the wrong password, on the next page my e-mail and profile picture shows up, any way to block that?

John answers:

I think that it only shows that on your computer, so try deleting all cookies and browsing history.

Mandy asks…

My Facebook account has been disabled and I cannot access my login email.?

I absolutely cannot access my Facebook login email, no matter what I do. I recently entered a backup email address into my Facebook account that I can access. When I click the email verification link, it is saying my account has been disabled. I sent an email to, but I have to send it from my login email, which I cannot access. Any ideas? Help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

John answers:

Why would you contact FB instead of your email provider? Maybe I didn’t understand the question…..

Lisa asks…

how do i delete history in the facebook login screen?

I want to clear the history of login names but it doesn’t work when i clear browsing data. I have a Windows Vista. Can anyone give me a step by step on how to do this?

John answers:

It depends what kind of Internet you have.

Internet Explorer

Tools > Internet Options

You should see “History” after you get there. Delete it.

Linda asks…

my facebook login and layout is to small to see?

I cannot read anything on facebook the print is to small is there anything i can do to make my print back to normal size so i can see my facebook page and login

John answers:

Your zoom setting is probably set to a low setting. I would try adjusting the zoom in the lower right-hand corner. If this isnt it, try adjusting your screen resolution or getting another internet browser, such as Firefox or Chrome.

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