Your Questions About Facebook Login

Lisa asks…

How can I delete an email from the list of emails that comes up in facebook login?

I don’t like the whole list of emails that comes up in the facebook login email part so does anyone now how I can delete these emails?

John answers:

When you log into Facebook, go to you Inbox . Once in, you’ll see a list of your emails. Look to the right of each. There will be an “x.” Place a check mark in the emails you want to delete and click the “x”. Your emails will disappear.

Steven asks…

How to get rid of the facebook login security check?

Suddenly there is a captcha when I want to log in to facebook, as it says “You have a high number of invalid login attempts for your account.” I’ve now reset and changed my password, but the captcha check remains… how to get rid of it? it is really annoying (I can’t check ‘remember me’ because it’s on a shared computer)

John answers:

No it doesn’t saves ur password
so even if itz a cafe it dosen’t matter
or u could contact facebook authorities

George asks…

how to get rid facebook login when starting when opening a internet page?

this just happen when i i open a website page the facebook login appear. i want to get rid of it to get the google page back

John answers:

It seems as though you might have Facebook set as your homepage. You can change this, for example (to Google) by going to and under the search engine there should be a thing that says “make google my homepage” simply click it and follow any further instructions that come

Nancy asks…

Why do I get Chinese When I click Login Facebook?

Google search, click on Login to Facebook, window opens to some kind of displaced picture of oriental writing.

John answers:

First, make sure you are actually at Instead of searching for the site, just enter the URL into your browser’s address bar.

Secondly, it’s possible your language setting was changed. Go to to set it back to English.

James asks…

how do you delete your email from your facebook login page on facebook?

I logged in on my facebook on my moms computer and im afraid that she will get into my stuff. she has done this before and i just want my privacy like a regualar teen. please will u tell me how to delete my email history from the facebook login page. like i can write tay and my email shows up on the bar under it please help me asap

John answers:

If you are using google chrome, follow these steps.
1)press ctrl+h- This shows your history.
2)On the right top of the page, select edit items
3)click on ‘clear all browsing data’

If you’re using Internet explorer,
1)click on ‘tools’ on the toolbar
2)select ‘internet options’
3)click on ‘delete browsing history’

This should do.

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