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Ruth asks…

What are the signs that a facebook profile has been deactivated?

Two friends facebook profiles have been not showing up on facebook recently.I have noticed on past messages from these friends that their profile picture has also changed to a shadow.They are missing from all facebook searches and on mutual friends lists.Are their profiles “deactivated”? When a profile is deactivated does it mean its gone from facebook for good? Thanks in advance!

John answers:

Well first of all, you won’t be able to go to their profiles. Secondly, no profile picture will show up in any of their posts, and thirdly, their name will appear as “Facebook User”. If the name is their normal name and not “Facebook User” then that means they have chosen to block you. If they have chosen to block you, their profile pictures will not show, their names will be black and unclickable. They will also not appear in any friend’s mutual friends list and will not appear in your searches. Unfortunately, there is no way to know which it is without doing one of these:

1) Asking someone you know was their friend on Facebook if the account is still active
2) Actually asking that person.

To answer your other question, no. You can reactivate your account. But what’s the point in deactivating it in the first place, if you are just going to reactivate it?

Carol asks…

How does Facebook determine which Thumbnail to display when you attach a link to a wall post?

When sharing a link through a wall post, Facebook grabs images from the destination site. How are these images determined and can you set parameters on your site to allow Facebook to get certain images or block certain images?

John answers:

It automatically takes any of the pictures they can find from the website (unless ther is no pix on the site in which case u cannot show a pic)

Jenny asks…

How does the new facebook application for blackberry work?

How does it match the contacts in your phone with your friends on facebook? Some of my friends pics showed up in my contacts but others did not. So does it match phone numbers, names, or email? What about if the person has downloaded facebook on the blackberry but does not have their phone number listed on facebook? Will it pick them up then if you do not have their entire name listed on contacts list? Thanks to anyone who can help me answer these questions!

John answers:

I would seriously suggest you not installing that app on your phone. It totally screwed up my BB calender. The only good thing it did was put the pictures of the people from facebook in my contacts but everything else was a mess.

Susan asks…

How do I get facebook notifications off my email?

I made it on my msn account so I don’t recieve facebook notifications at all. I recently got a blackberry enabled my email and facebook. My email works fine but I get ALL my facebook notifications and it’s annoying. Is there anyway to disable this?

John answers:

You can click out the “Send email when notification etc.” on facebook in your private settings then you wont get any mails

Nancy asks…

How Has Facebook Become So Addicting That There Is Now Support Groups To Help With It?

I was reading in the news today that Facebook has become literally addicting for many people, young and old, that it’s starting to interfere with daily functioning.

There is now counseling and support groups to help those with specific addictions to Facebook.

How have we gotten to this point?

John answers:

It became very addicting for me. I banned myself from it yesterday (not deleted my account – just made it so my computer won’t load the pages).

Productivity is now doubled!

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