Your Questions About Facebook

George asks…

Is Facebook really going to start charging money?

Ok, I’ve seen several new groups and/or pages talking about Facebook charging money to use it next month.
Is this true?
Why are they doing this?
Why haven’t I gotten anything official from the Facebook people saying this?

John answers:

No that would NEVER happen.

They wouldn’t make as much as they do now if they started to charge.
They have 300million active users right now, they have little advertising yet they make more a day then we could even dream of. If they started charging statistics show more then 80% of people would eventually become unactive. Facebook are smart people. THEY WOULD NEVER MAKE IT A PAYSITE. Facebook is like the 3rd most popular website next to google and youtube. They want to keep it like that.
If it became a pay website facebook would be soon forgotten and people would wind back at myspace.

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Maria asks…

How to stop facebook announcing to everyone that I am new?

I want to open a facebook account and I know that people will see that I am new to facebook. Can i stop facebook saying that I am new. If I can do that can u please tell me how to.
Thank you for ur help.

John answers:

Do lots of things like uploading lots of pictures, add lots of friends, comment on lots of photos and statuses…then it shuld stop thinking that ur new

Laura asks…

How many young people use facebook in place of real human interaction?

I am alarmed to see the number of young people who think that if they don’t interact with someone on facebook, they can’t be friends or socialize with them outside of facebook.

I have also seen people wonder if a person is their friend or not, despite the fact they hang out in real life all the time, because they don’t talk much on facebook.

Is facebook replacing human interaction? Or am I just being a curmudgeon?

John answers:

I can’t say anything because I never used it after sign up.

John asks…

How can I stop Facebook Mobile numbers overriding the numbers in my contact list on my HTC Desire?

Whenever I link a Facebook account to a contact in my contact list on my HTC Desire, the number stored on the phone is overwritten by the Facebook mobile number. I’ve tried switching off Contact-Sync in the Facebook app settings, but it still happens. Is there any way to stop this happening?

Thanks in advance.

John answers:

You can contact the customer care of HTC

Carol asks…

How does facebook know who my friends are on my yahoo messenger friends list?

In the People you may know section on facebook they are suggesting friends that I’ve never met in person who live in other states and have no mutual friends. How would facebook know that I know them?

John answers:

When you signed up, you probably added your email address, and there is a check box that asks if you would like to allow facebook to add your contacts from that email address. You probably didnt uncheck it.

Not 100% sure, but i think you can remove your email contacts from your facebook ones in the settings somewhere.

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