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Richard asks…

How do I stop facebook from sending invitations?

Hi, I made a big mistake. I imported my outlook contacts into facebook. Facebook then sent invitations to all these people! I don’t want them to go to all these people. Also, some people have complained to me that facebook keeps sending them the invite over and over. How can I stop facebook from sending all these super annoying invites?

John answers:

I had the same problem and it took me 45 minutes to find the answer:
From your HOME page on Facebook:
– Look for the “Friends” dropdown in the top blue tool bar.
– Select “Invite Friends.”
– On this page look on the right side for “View all Invites” click on this
– In the “Select” drop down (top left side of the list) chose “Not Yet Joined” this will activate the “Delete Selected” link
– Click on “Delete Selected”

Ken asks…

How do you get facebook to show your retweets?

I already got twitter to connect with facebook so that whatever I tweet on facebook, it shows up on facebook. However, my retweets doesn’t show up on facebook. How do I get it to do that?
Oops I mean, whatever I put on twitter, it shows up on facebook.

John answers:

I don’t think you can do that..sorry! Please answer mine:;_ylt=AlxaowN._1_gIDbMDYBr75Rx.Bd.;_ylv=3?qid=20100131091450AA2SO9T

Maria asks…

What is the difference between a Facebook “Fan Page” and an ordinary Facebook profile?

Is there really a difference between Facebook Fan pages and ordinary Facebook profiles? I constantly hear about Facebook “fan pages”, but there are no references to the “Fan Page” on Facebook‘s site. However, there is the option to ad a page. Is this considered the “Fan Page” everyone’s talking about? But there are several options. Are they all “Fan Pages” ?

John answers:

Profiles represent individuals and must be held under an individual name, while Pages allow an organization, business, celebrity, or band to maintain a professional presence on Facebook. You may only create Facebook Pages to represent real organizations of which you are an authorized representative.

In addition, Pages are managed by admins who have personal Facebook profiles. Pages are not separate Facebook accounts and do not have separate login information from your profile. They are merely different entities on our site, similar to how Groups and Events function. Once you have set up a Page within your profile, you may add other admins to help you manage this Page. People who choose to connect to your Page won’t be able to see that you are the Page admin or have any access to your personal account.

Similar to profiles, Pages can be enhanced with applications that help the entity communicate and engage with their audiences, and capture new audiences virally through friend recommendations, News Feed stories, Facebook events, and beyond.

Nancy asks…

How often will Facebook check for a new LiveJournal blog post to import to my notes?

I wrote a new LiveJournal blog post about 20 minutes ago, and have Facebook set up to import my blog posts. It’s already imported all my old ones; how long does it take for Facebook to check for new blog posts, and to import them to my Facebook notes?

John answers:

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Mary asks…

How do you change your facebook security question?

My sister is really annoying and hacking my account. She knows my security question and none of the answers on facebook help me.

I really need someones help to changing the question. The facebook update changed all the settings. Facebook tells me to go to account settings and find Security Question, but it is simply not there anymore. I need a facebook expert! I thank you for your support!

John answers:

Go to Account > Account Settings > Security Question click change.

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