Your Questions About Facebook

William asks…


IS there any way I can create a bumper sticker on facebook? If so how?

John answers:

When u go to bumpersticker, click on upload sticker or somethin like that and then it will go to your my pictures but u have to have a pic of something such as a type of graphic or something u created on ur computer and u can upload it and then ur done!

Maria asks…

FAcebook ?

ok, i am 15 years old and i want to have a facebook account. I’m not going to be innapropriete things on there i just want one so i can meet new frineds and just mess around with my friens on there and talk to them because they all have facebooks except me. So i decided to talk to my mom about it, and she said i could but she would want my password and to be allowed to look on my profile and my friends profiles too. I was cool with all that except for the part about her looking at my friends files. I know they have some bad stuff and shes kind of like crazy and would like start talking to their parents and them about it. Any tips? I really really want one so please help. And I don’t want to create fake ones or just make one even if she says no. She always figures it out when I do that.

John answers:

I suggest you tell her that at the age of 15 you are old enough to understand there are many inappropriate things on the net.

You should tell her it makes you feel uncomfortable looking at your files as well as your friends’, and tell her the truth that they do host bad content sometimes, but it’s normal for a teenagers. Just chill, man. Nothing to worry about.

Mary asks…


How do you make it like cool looking like myspace??

John answers:

U cant

Robert asks…

How to create a business facebook page from a regular facebook page?

At the beginning I successfully created a business facebook page and just had to add few things (like the times opens and manager..) and I wanted to invite few friends (myself on facebook) and something happened I added my e-mail to find myself but it created a normal facebook page. I don’t know why that happened but I would like to go back to have a business facebook page on the same email and that is VERY important to me. Why is facebook so confusing at this things.

John answers:

When you try to create a page it will give you two options whether you wanna create community page or business page.

Susan asks…

Is It Possible to transfer my facebook profile friends to the facebook group for which I am the Admin?

I am the Admin of a facebook group and I want to transfer all my facebook profile friends to my facebook group for which I am the Admin without inviting personally. Is it possible to integrate the two so that all my facebook profile friends will be added to that group automatically if yes then how should I do it.
And what If I am the creator of that group? Is it possible then or not?

John answers:

No. You can’t do anything to another account without their permission. What is one of your friends didn’t want to be in the group?

They have to be invited and must accept. This is part of the privacy controls.

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