Your Questions About Facebook

George asks…


my boyfriend recently made a profile on and he is talking with girls from that site whom he calls old friends. i know his password and i logged on this morning. i found out that he has given them his msn address and asked them to meet in person. he has also told them about me but still they were like more than friends. the girls call him honey, darling, etc. i am very angry at the moment. i want to break up with him. what should i do?

John answers:

Well,you should end the relationship.

By the way,why were you spying on your boyfriend? I would be pissed if someone found out the password to my Facebook account.

Lisa asks…


What age can you start a facebook account?

John answers:

Aha peopel start facebook at ALL ages …your sapose to be 18 but u lie about your age ….like i did hehehe and they dont know but ALMOST my whol school has facebook.. There really shouldnt be an age for it but yea..

Lizzie asks…


how do u use facebook? like, what is poke, what is wall-wall, how can u talk to someone, how do u play games, how do u find people, etc.

John answers:

Facebook is a social networking website like MySpace. It’s another way to interact with friends, family, and others online. You can find people by searching their name, location, etc. And communicate with them by posting on their page. There’s really a ton of features; this wiki article below gives a good description of each.

Susan asks…


alright…so many of my friends have a facebook page and i’d like one too. my parents only talk negatively about MySpace, online chat rooms, etc. i don’t have a cell phone, which will be one of my points when trying to convince them to let me get one. what are some other points i can make to persuade my parents to let me get one?

John answers:

Just make sure they know that facebook is NOTHING like myspace!! Facebook you can make it completely private where no one can see who you are unless you want them to!! Oh yeah and do your chores, maybe even do some without them having to ask you to do them, that always worked for me when I was junior high and high school :)

Richard asks…


how do u delete a facebook and pictures other take of u. i dont think it is fair that anyone can take a pic of you and just post it up. it really is annoying when a photo u dont like is up and everyone can see the pic u dont like . Its still on there page if they untag u

John answers:

You can’t delete pictures that others put up of you unless they take it down themselves…

Deleting your facebook doesn’t help either… The pictures will still remain there. But if you want to delete your facebook, you go to Account>Deactivate Account.

The only option I see is if you ask the person to take it down. I’m assuming it’s a friend or someone that you know that put it up, just ask them nicely. Say something like, “I really don’t like that picture of me that you put up, can you please take it down?” If they really see that you don’t want it up, they might be nice enough to take it down… But honestly, there’s no way of forcing them to take it down.

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