Your Questions About Debt-free Money

Sandy asks…

How much money would you need to be debt free?

for me it would be about 13k. including my house

John answers:

More than you’d be willing to send me.

Linda asks…

How much money would it take for you to be debt free today?

Wow! It’s great that so many have no debt!!!

Hubby and I have paid off about $10,000 of debt just this year — we have about $21,000 to go and that includes my Jeep!

John answers:

you can send check to—-j/k

Lizzie asks…

how much money would you need to be completely debt free?

this includes paying off credit cards, car payments…etc
i need about 16 k

John answers:

$7 million. Obviously I’m in trouble…….

Maria asks…

Can I make money off ROTC or only leave college debt free?

I go to University of Michigan and I’m thinking about joining ROTC. I only pay $8,000 a year because I received a lot of Federal Grant and Scholarship money. If I did join, they said that I could have room and board or tuition payed for. Does this mean that I could actually make money or would they only pay for the part I needed payed? More importantly, I want to be a JAG officer and it costs $40,000 a year for law school. My army contractor said that they would pay for law school if I gave them 5 more years. But if I get scholarships for law school, would ROTC still pay $40,000 a year or only the amount I needed? Basically, could I make money off of doing ROTC or just leave college debt free?

John answers:

Either way, I think it is a win by making money because you are doing ROTC, but to leave college is a big step. Maybe you want to talk about this with your family and friends and see what there opinion is.

Good luck and take care :)

Carol asks…

If you live a long life and die naturally, will you leave this world debt-free or still owing money?

John answers:

I plan to die with as little debt as possible because family and friends are worth more than material items.

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