Your Questions About Debt-free Money

Michael asks…

How long after getting your Bankruptcy Chapter 7 discharge can you apply for a credit card?

I just got my discharge in September. How long after can I apply for a credit card? Just want to know because I am very happy being debt free!!

John answers:

Stay out of the Credit Card Arena for at least a year or so then try it with a secured credit card from your bank.

As you noticed… There is life without a Credit Card.

Your regular ATM/Check Card can perform all the actions a regular credit card does… Only difference is that the amounts charged are immediately paid for thru your checking account.

In the meantime… Do something for your financial status with your bank. Open a regular savings account and put half of the money that you used to pay to the Credit Card Co. Into the savings account.
Once you have sizable amounts in your savings accounts banks will be more willing to give you a credit card again.

A financially secure person has at least 6 months worth of living expenses sitting in a savings account plus has numerous other accounts for “emergencies” and for large, planned purchases.

This system beats having a Credit Card any day… You don’t pay interest and you will sleep a lot better at night knowing that even if you lost your job… The world doesn’t come to an end because you have funds to cover the downtime and you have plenty of time to look for a new job.

Daniel asks…

Is it possible to buy a house on my income?

I’ll be making anywhere from 20-24k a year (just starting a new job at a hospital)
I’m hoping by next year even more. I plan on saving for a year before I make any decisions, I’m going on 23 I’m debt free I have good credit and my monthly bills right now are under 200 I rather move into an actual house instead of throwing thousands of dollars into apartments.
Would me moving into an actual house be possible for my near future?
Where are people looking that it says anywhere that I want a 200k house?
I’m looking for ones that are about 50-60k (they go for 50-130k in my area)
and I stated that I have good credit, and debt free.

John answers:

You should be aware that if you buy a house for $50K, you might spend another $50K on repairs.

But you can qualify if you save enough money.

Susan asks…

What will happen when my credit card debt is paid off, will this affect me in a positive way?

In March of 2008, I had eight credit cards that I had a debt on. Instead of having to declare bankruptcy, I was able to get help from a law firm. At the end of this month, February 28, 2012, I will have my seventh credit card paid off. My last credit card debt is the biggest one. I will be happy to say that I will be debt free. Will this improve my credit once again, or will it remain on my record for some time?

John answers:

Your credit score will likely be increase because you show that you are able to repay money you owe. However you should still keep on using your credit card to pay for daily expenses and pay them back on time. Doing that will future improve your credit score.

Good that you stick with it. Many people will go the easy route by going bankruptcy.

Donna asks…

How does the Duggers support all those kids?

On their website on Discovery Health, there’s a video that shows them living in a pretty big ranch-style house, and they say they are debt free. They home school their children: all 18 of them. Did they inherit millions or something? How can they sustain a job to pay for such a big family? Do the parents even have a job? Or do they make all their income through donations and pay from their numerous television specials?

John answers:

Well i hear they don’t buy new stuff, they make their clothes, they’re homeschooled, they have good real estate careeers…

But all of that is crap. Because they are putting the privacy of all their children on tv which you know HAS to be paying them SOMETHING! I think its absolutely ridiculous that while they “don’t believe in TV or internet in their home” they are using those exact means to show off their family and make money. Who cares that you have 18 kids!?! That’s your own dumb fault for contributing to the over-population that we have right now.

So what if you are teaching them morals and how to live successfully… It’s all on them when they leave the nest. And how will they be successful when they leave the nest if they are all homeschooled with no reach out to the modern world through the news on TV or even the internet? It is completely selfish of these parents to use their family to become popular in the media’s eyes. And for those of you who say who cares, it’s their own business… They put it out there for us to ridicule when they start letting the media make continuous sequels and follow their family around each time they add another “bundle of joy”

Donald asks…

Why can’t the government print out more money to pay off the United States debt?

If the government would just print out money to pay off the U.S debt we would be perfectly fine and debt-free PROBLEM SOLVED BITCHES!!!!

John answers:

It would lead to Inflation

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