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Carol asks…

Going to college at Age 20? How is this lifestyle? :/?

I’m 20 and am planning on attending college at UW-Madison (University of Wisconsin-Madison) in the Fall of 2014. I got accepted two years ago when I applied during High School of my Senior year and I graduated with a 3.7 GPA with a ACT score of 29. The only reason why I didn’t go to college in the first place is because I was scared of the expenses and paying back all the student loans (call me an idiot, I wanted to be debt-free and didn’t want to be worrying about paying tons and tons of money back) so I decided to move out of my parent’s house and move into an apartment.

I live in a two-room apartment with a co-worker (friend in High School) and the rent is $400 (including utilities) a month. I work as a Pharmacist Assistant making $14.95/hr and working 40 hour weeks and 10-15 hours OT at times because we are short staffed.

Anyways, here is the breakdown:
Making ~$2300 – $2500 (After taxes) a month
– Apartment:
1) Rent: $200/mo. (utilities included)
2) Internet: $50/mo.
– Food: <= $400/mo.
– Car:
1) Monthly Payments: $230/mo.
2) Car Insurance: $95/mo.
3) Gas: ~$100-150/mo. (I live two blocks away from the Pharmacy so I barely drive)
– Cellphone: $70/mo.

Total: ~$1200 a month with about $1000 or so at the end of the month left to save and to spend (80% save, 20% spend)

I totally want to get back into college and earn at least a Bachelor's or Master's degree and actually achieve something in my life… but how is this lifestyle holding up for me right now? I actually want honest answers from you guys.

Thanks everyone!

John answers:

Hi there!

Well it looks like your on a great path to furthering your education and maintaining your finances so kudos :-) anywho I’ll give you a brief breakdown. There are a number of factors you must consider

1-consider the amount of credits you will be taking average at UW Madison. 1-5 credits is around 500-2100 dollars, 10 credits is around 4300 and it goes up from there. Unless you have grants and scholarships or financial aid you will be having student loan payments or paying out of pocket. Some student loans will have you paying hundreds of dollars a month depending on the amount of the loan and the interest rate. Some university’s also give you the option to arrange a payment plan if not using loans.So that’s a major factor
2-if your becoming a student taking 2 or more lecture or lab classes during the week that may mean your hours will have to be cut down at work resulting in decrease in pay. You don’t want your grades to suffer so you must consider a schedule change and possible change in pay.
3- consider books and other fees associated with taking university classes. Books are fairly expensive but thanks to sites like chegg and amazon your able to get some books cheap but workbooks are always expensive and you can’t buy them used. Many science classes with labs have lab manual requirements.

There are many other factors you must consider but don’t let that bring you down because there are alternative options. Consider going to a public community college to take cheaper classes that you can transfer to university. CC’s are highly underrated and even have better professors than some university’s. I recommend taking pre requisites at a CC and then transfer UW. Madison .Trust me you will save loads of money.

Hope this somewhat helps lmk if you have any questions

Steven asks…

If I work can I graduate without debt?

Im going to transfer to a university for 2 years, if I work part time, will I be able to graduate debt free? I understand its different everywhere, but I live in california, I just need an estimate.

John answers:

Honestly, part – time probably not. Even full – time depending on the wage, a lot of people would have difficulties graduating debt free. I would spend more time on making your studies your full time job, graduating and paying it off.

Lisa asks…

Has anyone purchased their home from a relative?

I’d like to help my dad buy a fixer upper home from my relatives. He already owns 1/3 of the home, he is about to lose his job, and buying out his siblings would be better than him having to move out of his home of 23 years into a small, expensive apartment. I do not have a lot of money saved, but my credit is good, I’m debt free, and I should qualify for CalHome or other first time buyer programs. I would not be living in the home myself, but would come home some weekends to slowly fix things up, and check in on my dad. Based on rough internet appraisals the home is probably only worth ~$100,000, so I would need to borrow around $66,000(guessing). My plan of action is to get pre-qualified, contact my uncle and aunt, and find a CalHome/HUD approved appraiser. Does this sound about right? I’ve been reading up on home buying, but would like to hear from an expert or someone who has purchased from a relative.
I’ve been at my job for more than two years. I know I’m supposed to live in the home, it’s about an hour and a half from my job, I’ll be there sometimes, and can say I’m living there.

John answers:

First time buyers must live in the house they are purchasing.
Are you able to make the payments?
Have you been at your job for 2 years?

William asks…

What are some suggested tips to be successful?

How to live in total satisfactory? What is success?

John answers:

# 1 – Start your life and maintain a debt free life style
# 2 – Find something you love to do and do it! Doesn’t matter if this is your job or a hobby as long as you are feeding your soul.
# 3 – Be okay with not knowing what your ONE TRUE PURPOSE is. Your desires in life evolve over time. Ride the waves.
# 4 – The answer is different with everyone. There is no one road to success. If there is something specific you want to do surround yourself with folks who have already successfully done it. If you don’t know any of these people, read about them.

Ruth asks…

What do I need to do to start a travel agency business?

I live in Greenwood, Ar and I am curious to starting my own travel agency business. I love to help people and family plan exciting vacations and/or business travels. I would like to know how to go about obtaining a licensce, and basically opening up my own business.

John answers:

Hi Lisa, Hope You’re Feeling Well & Having A Great Week So Far. I’ve Been In The Travel Business Over 10 Years & Would Be Happy To Help You. I’m Very Proud To Say, I’ve Been With A Legitimate Host Agency & Started My Own “Full-Service Home-Based Travel Agency Over 5 Years Ago..Almost Since The Day The Company Was Born..In 2001 & Receive Great Support & Have Seen Tremendous Growth & Advancements.

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