Your Questions About Debt-free America

Carol asks…

Which issue is more important to you, gay marriage, or the national debt?

For me, it’s the national debt. That is so important to all of us.

Even though I am for gay marriage. And besides…there’s nothing that prevents a gay couple if they REALLY want to get married. They could move to another state, or even another country that allows it.
The national debt is the fate of the country!

Not to be rude, but the nation won’t be in any major trouble if you can’t get married.
Even for myself, I would put the national debt before my own marriage, if I had to make a choice down to those variables.

And you can do something about it.

You can vote, write to your representatives, all sorts of things. Just like you “support” gay marriage, right?
Len, I said if a couple REALLY wanted to get married, they could find a way.

John answers:

I honestly don’t know.

On the one hand, the national debt is a great threat which hangs over the head of the American people, and will do so for generations to come. It is a horror waiting to unfold, as we realize exactly HOW MUCH we owe.

On the other hand, injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. There are families which (on TOP of the financial crisis) are suffering due to lack of equal protection under the law. If such protection is not granted, then the constitution has lost its meaning.

Which is worse? Loss of freedom due to looming debt, or loss of freedom due to the constitution being ignored? What good is a debt-free America whose constitution has fallen into disuse? What use is a constitutionally sound America which is drowning in debt?

Robert asks…

Anyone ever hire a lawyer to help pay old debts?

I am looking for advice on how to pay some old debts. I had a period of unemployment and fell way behind in paying bills. Some of the credit card accounts went into collections. They have been sold to so many different collection agencies that I can’t track them down. Every time I have tried to call them to find out where the account is, I am given a lot of different numbers to call and the debt collectors I have spoken to are less than helpful in giving me an answer as to where the account actually is. The other part of this is I have been enrolled in a credit counseling service and I’m not sure if it is helping me. A couple of the accounts that went to collections are still showing delinquent on my credit report even though payments have been going to the credit card companies that the debt originated with. I don’t know who can help me find my debts or get the money back that I have payed to the credit card company, but I’m considering hiring a lawyer. Anyone in a similar situation?
Thanks for the advice, just a few more details… It’s not that i can’t pay the old debts, I can’t find them! The debts have been bought and sold so many times that they are lost. The money I am paying through the credit counseling services doesn’t seem to be going to the right place either. I am trying to take a proactive approach and trying to find the right kind of professional to help me find my old debts so I can make sure the money I am paying is going to the right people.

John answers:

We were in a similar situation as you. We were giving over $800 to Debt Free America, and then another almost $100 for their lawyer stuff…and after 4 months, they still didn’t get an agreement. I am now in the process of filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy. I swore I never would, but the weight off my shoulders has been unbelievable. Chapter 7 is the total liquidation. Chapter 13 has less of a hit on your credit and doesn’t affect it for as long and you pay like cents on the dollar. I would definitely enlist the help of a lawyer…but I’m sure one of the first things they will tell you is to drop the credit counseling service. They are doing more bad than good.

Maria asks…

Why does America have homeless people?

How many people now are living paycheck to paycheck?
And what are we doing in Iraq?
Couldn’t we have used all that War money to help Americans?

John answers:

A while back we began closing state hospitals for the insane.
Only the most dangerous are institutionalized now.
We were promised more community hospitals, smaller and supposedly more patient friendly.
Instead, we got nothing, and the poor lost souls released now inhabit the streets. Most of them are delusional drunks, mentally ill, druggies too far gone for redemption, and paranoid schizophrenics. There is little anyone can do for them now, they don’t show up for appointments, fear everyone and anything, and don’t make rational decisions.
They are incapable of it.
On the living paycheck to paycheck part, its really impossible to know, I’m willing to bet there are more on your street than you think there are, and that’s any street at all. Too much credit and too little restraint are problems there, where ghastly medical bills aren’t the fault. With half of bankruptcies due to medical bills we are in dire need of a new system.
No one knows what we are doing in Iraq, especially now that Saddam is dead, and they have had two elections, and there are no WMDs. I think that covers all the ‘reasons’ we were there.
We wouldn’t have use that money to help Americans, we would have used it to bring down taxes on the rich again.
We just possibly wouldn’t have spent it and seen a debt free country. But I doubt that.

William asks…

Things you wouldn’t hear a US President say?

Funniest one gets Best Answer

John answers:

Man, was I sure wrong!!
I am going to run for town council in 2012.
America, we are now debt free!!!

Richard asks…

Is Take Charge America a good credit counseling service?

What is the best way to consolidate unsecured credit.

John answers:

You dont consolidate it..

I got out of debit with no job and a baby on the way.. Here’s how

rent cheap 1 bed apartment close to work
sell everything you don’t need.. EVERYTHING
get two jobs

now start paying your debit off starting with the smallest and ending with the largest.. Pay as much as you can and soon you will be debt free

I now have two new cars paid in cash
a nice house
both kids have everything they need
college and 401k in savings

once you have NO DEBT it’s easy to live like a king.. But you must sacrific now for a year or two.. Life is short take it by the horns now so you can control it later… I hope you do what I tell you so your life can be changed forever

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