Your Questions About Debt-free America

Betty asks…

How many times more money does the Rothschild family have than America?

John answers:

Actually anyone that is Debt Free has more money than the US.Currently the US is 11 Trillion Dollars in Debt,in other words they have a Net Worth of $0.00


Ken asks…

America to the United Kingdom?

I live in America now. When I turn 18 (After High School) How soon after could I move to the UK? I would like to start my life there. No debt, no bank account, exc. I want to start it all there. I’ve been reading in on it, and it says I need a visa? Or a job before I arrive? How would that work? Look for jobs in the UK, online then contact them my information? Also how soon after could I go? (months, years?)

John answers:

Pretty much your only option would be to study in the UK. They do not have any need for untrained workers, so work visas are restricted to people with skills which are needed in the UK.

Alternatively you could go after you’ve got a PhD.

If you are debt free, it’s a good idea to stay so. You don’t really have to move somewhere to get into debt.

Why postpone your life? Why do not start it now where you are? Your future job prospects will only be improved by jobs, work experience and volunteering before you are 18.

Nancy asks…

If you were President of The United States of America…………?

what would you do……what would you change?
CBMTTEK…….maybe you should do your research instead of watching the Corporate Media… I know the Constitution…Since when has the president or Government gone by it?? Fully??? and get the State to change anything Ha ha ha yeah right!

John answers:

I would stop govt. Handouts , and I would stop “pork spending ” then I would call my kids to bail me out of jail , for kicking this do nothing congress’s @ss , I would literally know them out cold…
I would stop politicians in the house ,and senate from just collecting hours in service ( riding the clock ) ..if there was no progress before lunch time , they clock out and go home , with no credit for hours in session , if it happens again , , fire them …Congress is still wasting time trying to pass bills they know will be vetoed , and not have enough support to over ride the veto ..why waste the time ,and money doing it ..
They would have to buy their own lunch instead of having tax payer funded catered meals three times per day .. America has to pay for it’s food they are no different , ..If they have a pet project they can fund it on their own with their money , not yours …and do it on their own time , not on America’s watch ..
Child Predators and crimes against children will be a one strike you die crime , anyone who desires to hurt children can never do any good for our society so ….
Instead of universal health care , I would regulate the industry , companies who have high premiums with low benefits would be charged with crimes against humanity , the only reason America pays higher costs is to offset the money lost by other countries who regulate their costs ….I believe the CEO’s of the insurance companies , and pharmaceutical companies can do without multi billion dollar salaries , they can suffer at a billion per year , It would be wrong for any company to make a product , that it;s own workers can not afford to purchase themselves , you have people working at insurance companies that can not afford insurance , you have people working at pharmaceutical packing plants that can not afford to buy the medication they are packing up .. You have workers who make cars they can not afford to drive themselves , there are Funeral Homes employees who can not afford to die , there are people working at Belks , and Macy’s , NM , and others that can not afford to buy what they are selling ,…not only is that wrong , but it is bullsh*t ….I have a small business , I offer my workers of 16 people ( all legal ) the choice of 30 dollars per hour , which lists them as sub contractors , who pay for their own isurance , and files a 1099 at the end of the year and pay their own taxes , or I can pay them 20 – 25 dollars per hour , and take out taxes , and offer them benifits , ( I pay half their premium ) most have taken the 20 -25 per hour , after they tried the 30 per hour for a year , they see the cost first hand , by taking out taxes , I have to match everything that comes out of their checks , plus assist them on insurance premiums , I still make 6 figures per year , so if the workers hit hard times such as one who had a brother to die , he did not have the money for a funeral , I paid for this , I have bought them trucks to work out of ,..I takae care of my employee’s because they are making me my six figure per year income , I even help them invest , and help them live debt free , I have not had anyone to quit ever in the history of this business , My dad ran it for 40 years and now I have it , I have fired one or two , but never had one to complain of mis treatment or unfairness on the job . I am just a house painter with a GED , and I know the best way to get the job done , and done right is for companies to take care of their workers …they are the backbone of the companies , and backbones break if not properly cared for …. I take a loss of profit to do this , I do not raise my prices .. I too have to sacrifice for my company , to help my workers have a better quality of life for themselves , they earn it because I am demanding I am a perfectionist as well , they know how I want things done , and they do it because I take care of those who take care of me ….and so should other companies…..that is where I would start

Charles asks…

Should America cut up ……?

Should America cut up the Credit Cards that Obama is using and tell Obama to stop spending America into irreversible debt ?

John answers:

When the dollar collapses, then, we will pay off all the national debt with cheap dollars. Later we will restructure the banks and financial system and initiate a new currency, all debt free. Pretty slick plan, eh?

Donna asks…

Does any one know why Hillary is the only hope for America ?

John answers:

Its very easy to see why.. In case some havent noticed, America and its people are in big big trouble right now,
some have never known hard times are about to learn what hard times is all about. Its hard for younger people especially to grasp what is really going on and is only getting worse.

Some whine about Bill Clinton, the personal life that involved Monica, well that was their personal life, we all have one, and that’s in the past, just as Obama says his Drug use is in the past. But still, Bill Clinton was a good President, he was voted into Office twice by the American people, and he served us well. He did something that hadn’t been done in over 100 years, American was debt free and in the + until Bush rammed us back into debt.

But this is about Hillary, she has great ideas for us, College Education, Health Care, Mortgage crises relief and the list goes on. And yes, she does have experience, her public record shows that very clear. And all the good deeds she has done for the American people, which most seem to have forgotten, are on public record.

At least she has a record that shows she has indeed been vetted and tested, which is more than Obama can say.

As First Lady, she has White House experience, and she has had years to build her relationships with a lot of over seas leaders and she is respected by them and thats very important to America.
And Hillary is well known, even by those who don’t like her, to always fight for what she believes in without giving up, and thats what we need, someone who battles and doesnt give up.

****Hillary 2008****
Vetted, Tested & Ready on Day One
No training necessary!

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