Your Questions About Debt-free America

Linda asks…

What legislation directly affects me?

Help give me some ideas.
like what?

John answers:

HR4646. Debt Free America Act. Aka The Transaction Tax.

This is a real dilly from the democrats!


Ruth asks…

Which kind of Republican fundamentalism is more dangerous: the religious variety or the free-market variety?

The first thinks it’s okay to lay waste to the rest of the world because “it’s not like us,” and the second thinks it’s okay to lay waste to America itself because “all government is bad government and we should worship the ideas of Adam Smith.”

John answers:

The type that prefers a repub president to a strong debt-free America. Read this:

Maria asks…

What are the best credit card programs to consolidate?

John answers:

Careful of the ones that advertise, like lawyers that advertise, they are mostly crooks. I’ve had some friends use one called Debt-Free America but I’m not sure if it’s national. It might just be Phoenix, AZ-based. But check it out. They have a web site. Good luck.

Susan asks…

what do you do when both of the candidates you have to choose from ,have so much going for them?

at first , i was all ,like.. Barack could be Hill’s vp, or (my lessor favored scenerio was) Hillary as Bam’s vp. (bambam’s-still a baby,but he’s strong- WOW how strong and effective will he be if he is Seasoned Properly? )

but then it was pointed out to me that if banded together, it would ruin the chances of the other running for prez ,come next time around.
so, that made me sad.

i’m basing my choice on candidate experience and the practical planning of my candidate ,as to how we can end this awful war that republican monkeyboy got us all into.

he mades the world hate us. we need to elect a pres who will not only be good for us, but also good at letting the world know how sorry we are for our awful republican monkeyboy mistake .
we need a prez that thinks globally- about whats best for everybody.
if we mess up again ,i don’t know what will happen to us. it’s kind of difficult to be a superpower when you are trillions of $$$ in debt. oh yeah which reminds me…
we also need a prez in there that KNOWS how to make Money . we are in dire straits of some serious coinage,right about ,now.we need trillions. TRILLIONS. just to break Even ,gain.
this isn’t a ‘minorities popularity contest’. this is our COUNTRY ,our Homes, our Lives.
it does make it difficult when they’re BOTH so Darned Awesome,tho,doesn’t it?. <3

John answers:

Judging by the Clinton tax returns
Hilary will be the one candidate that can get us out of debt and back in the black just like Bill Clinton did in 1992.

Clinton for a debt free America

Clinton 08

Nancy asks…

Who profits from keeping America at a state of war?

John answers:

Policiticans do.
Stock holders,haliburtion,george bush,his whole family made billions more durin war times than peace times,our vice president has been involved in every war america has been in since the 70’s,the only time we didnt profit from war and killing people is during the 90’s.
That was when america started making surplus money and we began to get OUT OF DEBT for the first time in over 20 years.
Look it up on the net before u think other wise,when Bush took office we had alot of surpluse $$ and nearly debt free,now it may take another 20 years to get america stable again.
Bush waved trillions of dollars of debt other countries owed America when we went to war just so he could get their support,,sooo,legally he bribed other countries with tax payers dollars so he can have some control of the oil wells and have halliburton working again,,he and our V/P has several millions of stock in that company,and in peace times Halliburton isnt making money,,so go figure.
Look up the history of our country,its $$,,when people take office,,we loose more $$ when a republican takes office,in the eighties,bush had taken office,he made billions on these loan office scams,,when they went broke,,tax payers bailed them out,regan had silicon valley making him millions.
Thats 30 years,,and out of 30 years,clinton made the least $ in office but was beaten down the most,,why?
Because rich people suck @ss.

The guy above me,,no offense,,sounds like u were not alive in the 90’s,U.S.A. Was at more peace times,no wars,we closed many military bases than ever before,saved trillions,had surpluse $$ and also had better health care,and money set aside for the poor and education,when Bush took office,,he pisssed all that away.
Again,look in americas history and we left a paper work trail showing the times where u.s.a. Had more $$,,republicans are war hungry $$ stealing and rape tax payers,,

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