Your Questions About Debt-free

Chris asks…

How can I stop worrying about the future?

It seems like everything for my fiance and I is falling into place I’m starting in my career in a position that will according to the co ordinator of my program look “excellent” on my resume my fiance is going back to college for a job that’s in high demand and we have, short of people paying for us, the perfect plan to have a debt free wedding. I also know that we share many of the same goals and want the same type of lifestyle for the most part.

Having said all this, I can’t stop planning for and stressing about our future, how can I shut this part of my thought process off? How do other brides to be stop worrying about the future, past the wedding itself, and live in the present? After all, things do look bright for us at this point. Not perfect, but definitely good.

John answers:

It helps to make lists and have goals

don’t worry


Susan asks…

What is your plan with your tax refund?

My husband and I are gonna pay off a credit card and close the account. Our goal: pay off a loan each year we will be debt free in 1.5 years if we do it that way! Im excited.

John answers:

My advice to you is not to close the credit card after you pay it off. You can clip the card but unless there’s an annual fee, leave the account active and it’ll raise your credit score by having the available credit line. Being debt free is indeed an awesome goal. Pick up the phone and call each credit card company and ask for a lower interest rate. If they say they cannot, tell them about another offer you’ve had and that they are willing to have you transfer your balance with no extra fees. The objective is to get lower fees, not cancel your credit card accounts that you can use to help you keep credit histories and thereby increase credit scores that will lower your interest rates. Do you own a home? You may be better off consolidating all credit cards to a home equity loan (not line of credit) where you can write off the interest at a lower interest rate. Stick to that 1.5 year goal. Reduce your expenses and/or increase your income any way you can. Get some money into a 401K or Roth IRA for the future. The sooner you start the sooner you accumulate interest.

John asks…

Does anyone know where I can find a free online budget organizer?

I am 21 and I am very responsible with my bills a such (I am debt free, paying for college, own a house and a car) but I am thinking about purchasing a newer car and I want to figure out my budget. I want something online though which will give me real accurate figures instead of me trying to squeeze and be unrealistic about if I can make the car payments each month…….Thanks in advance!

John answers:

Try going to and you can search for lots of free software.

Nancy asks…

What are Best places online to search for College Scholarships and Grants?

I am going to take a masters course and would like to do it debt free. I have done the Google and Fastweb searches however that doesn’t seem to be the best route to take when looking to apply for this.

John answers:

this is a great place to apply for grants and scholarships

Donna asks…

How much will it cost to build 3 bed 2 bath 1700 sq ft home in rural east texas?

If I own the land free & clear, how much would this cost? I want to build as a starter home that I can someday hope to expand to over 3,000 sq ft. I wouldn’t even start with a garage. And the inside wouldn’t be to special. I just wanna get in a house debt free so that I can save towards making it a dream home slowly. So I’m trying to see if I have enough cash to do this. Thank you in advance for your answers. Any links for verification are appreciated.

John answers:

There are contractors advertising on the Tyler TV stations that they will build your home for from $90 to $100 per sq foot. So at $100 per sq foot it would be some where around $170,000

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