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Mary asks…

Marijuana essay/letter?

I want to know what you think about it and if you can correct it. I also don’t know what to say in my concluding sentence. thx.

Dear Barbara Boxer,

Thank you for taking your time to acknowledge my thoughts and position. The reason I am writing to you is because I feel that the legalization of marijuana to legalize possessing and smoking the plant in California, beside for medical uses, should be reconsidered for another vote. It seems, to me, highly hypocritical to have both cigarettes and alcohol be legal and yet have marijuana that produces the same basic effect. I believe I have a firm stance on my position because I have packed my head with a copious amount of diverse researched information concerning the marijuana plant. There would be many commendable outcomes by making marijuana legal, but I also grasp the consequences of the action.
Benefiting California’s government would be as helpful as giving a voracious dog a slab of meat. We all know that California is in a need of finance assistance. I believe by making the marijuana plant legal in California, it would help our state tremendously. Our government could market and tax this plant resulting in a surplus of money that could be spent to help pay off our state’s debt or even help pay for educational programs to help benefit the future’s children. This is the kind of help we need in California. The plant would be easy to cultivate because it is a weed, and a fairly vivacious one at that. If we passed a law stating marijuana, sold by the state of California, is legal to smoke and possess, our state’s government would in a better finical situation than it is currently.
How much time is spent busting people who use marijuana in California? If California legalized marijuana, more time for law enforcement could go towards arresting other criminals. It would also cut down on California’s prison population, thus save tax payers a lot of money. If our state marketed marijuana it would decrease the street value of it leading to the decrease of funds in drug dealer’s pockets. I believe law enforcement has more important responsibilities such as exporting illegal immigrants out of California, shootings, robberies, etc. than arresting 60,481 individuals a year for marijuana possession. Also, by not legalizing marijuana in California, there is wasted jail space and clogged up court systems that should be occupied by other serious felons. Fighting the war on Marijuana is an expensive combat. If we would stop the reason for the “marijuana war” by legalizing the plant in our state, then there would be no war.
To every issue there are always two different views. The legalization of marijuana abides by this truth. I feel that the one of the consequences of legalizing the plant to smoke and possess it in California would be the harmful risks it attains. For example, Smoking marijuana regularly can impair the cells in the bronchial passages which defend the body against inhaled microorganisms and decrease the ability of the immune cells in the lungs to fight off fungi, bacteria, and tumor cells. There would be no way of stopping this from happening to marijuana smokers. If California could pass a state law stating that a limited quantity could be acquired weekly, it would slow the damaging of the cells in a smoker and other malignant risks. Another consequence would be the rising number of DUIs in California. To decrease that amount, California would need to heighten the consequence of driving while high or inebriated such as 2 years in jail and/or a 5,000 dollar fine. I understand the consequences of legalizing marijuana, but if California would deal with it properly, we would acknowledge the fact that marijuana has more beneficial outcomes than malicious effects.

John answers:

Oh let me start by saying bravo!!! In fact, you should just allow me permission to say that I have always felt that the ENTIRE country should follow this suit exactly, I have two other valuable issues that you could add to your list if you are interested, email me and I will put a couple of cents worth in your brain to think about. I was just thinking about this subject and talk of it daily to my husband and a few friends about how many issues legalization would solve. I joked with a group of friends that I have single handedly solved all the worlds problems using only my brain and marijuana and my trampoline in the back yard after the kide were tucked away in thier beds. I am very interested in putting together a bill someday that will actually be taken seriously since I’m just a mom of three from a little town in Oklahoma. I believe I just need some partnership to point the way and tell me to “go get it done!”
I think the benefits would outweigh the risks and am working towards that goal and your letter is put together in a very friendly matter of fact tone that needs to be read by members of the U.S. Senate and Congress and attached to that bill they are trying to push through so fast, and say “here let this pay for it so the taxpayers will at least be getting something in return for footing the bill for this mess”….well anyway you have inspired me and I appreciate it!! I just watched this link below and googled “the marijuana answer” and clicked on your question that was returned in the search….how interesting is that? It’s the pot, it gives me psychic powers…I’m just kidding, I look forward to hearing back though.

Nancy asks…

can you revise and edit my writing?

The 21 century male body
In the essay “The media Assault on Male Body Image” by Brandon Kiem. Brandon Kiem disuses the interesting topic of the “real” male body image. Over the Past two decades the gender gap between objectifying females is equal to males. Brandon Kiem argues it’s hard to deceiver the “real body” from a magazine. You can’t smell he smells see the hair and blemishes that naturally occur on the human body. He talks about how people see the same images over and over they start to believe that it is what the male body should look like. The essay goes on to say that males unhappy with their physical appearance tend to engage in risky sexual behaviors because they detach themselves from the situation emotionally and mentally.
The male body image has been glorified all the way sense the roman era. The 21 century is nothing new. We have magazines Romans had sculptures of their finest warriors. What I do agree upon is the new bodybuilding era. People need to know that there is no way to look like some of the people they see in magazines do.
When I was young I was very fat or if you’re a mom you would say your son is husky. I don’t know if this is a code word but my size in pants was always husky growing up. My weight didn’t really affect me until I was in 8th grade. One day we had to do a mile run under 8mn, seems like no big deal now, but when you’re a chunky kid it was horrifying. I ran that mile I nearly puked but I made it. From that day I wanted to be better. I didn’t want to get fast and thin because I seen it on the media, I just wanted to be better than I was. That year every night I ran and ran. At the end of that year I ran a mile in 5 minutes and 45 seconds. I did this not because I felt uncomfortable with my body because I watched fit people on TV as the essay suggests. I just loved the feeling of busting through my own personal beariurs. I lost 45 pounds that year and also I had a grown about 6inches or so.
The human mind is a strange thing, now I wasn’t the husky kid I was skinny and I mean skinny around 6 foot weighing 130 pounds. I could run around 8 miles nonstop but now I wanted to put on the weight, get strong. My motivation this time was to beat my brother he was getting into bodybuilding and lifting and I wanted to beat him at his own game.
Knowing the best way to start was to gain knowledge I started reading flex magazine. I wanted to be as big as them and do whatever it would take. Looking back at my self now and knowing the things a do about bodybuilders and steroids I wouldn’t have spent my money on those magazines. The magazines would promise false hopes that you could get huge taking a little pill.
I now have friends who were past bodybuilders and told me the secrets. One was that they pump a ton of steroids. Two they fake the weights they show in the magazines. And three they are on so many drugs they take a thyroid hormone that makes your body heat raise to burn of extra body fat. They use meth before the show to increase vascularity. There is now way naturally you can look like those people in the magazines unless you do take steroids and estrogen blockers. I have seen people who didn’t do their homework and just take steroids and there estrogen trys to counter the sky rocketing testosterone levels and eventually gives them man boobs
So for my concluding paragraph I would just have to say I don’t think men get huge because they see some one on TV and want to be like them. I think it is the feeling of seeing progress in yourself knowing your hard work is paying off. Most off all that you have reached a goal that you have set. If you’re not moving forward you are standing still.

thanks you so much i am forever in your debt yahoo answers community

John answers:

Not to be rude but if you have the time to write that on the computer just copy and past on Microsoft Word. Correct from there.

James asks…

China and financial world risk?? US debts?

The Chinese Communist Party has a tiger by the tail: a 17% per annum increase in the M-2 money supply, and a need to provide employment for 1.5 million new arrivals every month in Chinese cities.
The Chinese economy is now dependent on long-term monetary inflation higher than anything ever seen in a major nation in peacetime. The bust side of the monetary boom-bust cycle now threatens the legitimacy of the rulers of China. They dare not let it happen. But if the central bank slows the rate of monetary inflation to a single-digit rate for a year, it will happen.
The basic infrastructure needed to accommodate 1.5 million arrivals each month must consume vast new quantities of commodities. This is the real world. These are real people who want real roofs over their heads. Their employers require oil, electricity, and cement.
The invisible digital economy eventually affects the see-touch-feel economy. Nowhere is this connection more politically explosive than in China.
The Chinese central bank is trapped. It will try to walk the tightrope between exports and domestic price inflation. How? By means of a 17% year-to-year increase in M-2 and a 23% year-to-year increase in the monetary base.
If the bureaucrats fall off, taking the domestic economy into depression, the economic fallout will be international.
In any case, if the central bank moves to the new mercantilism and away from Bretton Woods mercantilism, the days of low interest rates will end in the United States. If Uncle Wong decides that Uncle Sam’s promises to pay cannot be trusted, and therefore cement is a better deal, the U.S. government’s fiscal policy will soon have feet in cement.
If this happens, the U.S. debt-driven economy will face the problem faced by Luca Brassi in The Godfather. He sleeps with the fishes.
*// Want to know about China and world financial risk : read this :
Gary North

John answers:

I’ve been saying Asia has been very generous buying Treasury bonds to prop up debt, but “learned” economists on this board claim otherwise. What you and I might call deficit spending, the US government calls it a “tax cut” for economic stimulus.

Thanks for the link.

Maria asks…

Mobile phone cash back deal – unpaid bill ???

My sister bought a mobile on “cash back” deal. The company who’s meant to give these cash back cheques’ gone bust.

Without these cash back cheque, my sister’s ended-up paying around £75/month towards her mobile bill to her service provider (Orange).

They are not willing cancel the 18 months contract (she’s only in her 4th month now), unless she pays £75*18. The lowest terriff they’re willing to drop her to is £50/month.

She simply can’t afford paying these extortionate amount each month. She’s started to receive threating debt collection letters.

I just wondered if in these circumstances, if there’s anything she could do? If I was to call Orange saying she’s moved out and that I’m not in any relation to her, etc. would it affect her drastically, by any chance, except course affecting her “credit rating” (which is still better, than losing out £75*18 month).

Anyone around had similar problem or any idea how to get over the issue, swiftly? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

John answers:

Go see citizen advice burearu take all relevant info with you.
Had similar problem, solictor froend wrote letter for free, no more hassle.

Credit rating important for future couple of hundred quid today lot less important than thousands for morgage personal loans etc.
Also you do not want to get personally implicated by lieing cheating being deceatful etc if goes to magistrates court which may not good for you or sister.
Good luck, peace out cowboy..

Donna asks…

Question about Sole trader company ?

Is there any way that I can find out on the internet if a Sole trader is still in operation ?
A company has gone bust on us, but as a “Ltd” company, now we have never dealt with them as a “Ltd” company as far as we are concerned, we always dealt with them and invoiced them as a sole trader and no orders from or other correspondance said “Ltd” on it etc., we did a credit check on them and the company did exist as a Sole trader and then as Ltd company, its only the “Ltd” that has gone into insolvency.
Surely we can take legal action against the person to reclaim the debt if he can’t prove we were dealing with him as a sole trader ?
We have heard a rumour that he is operating and that his customers are providing him with materials to carry out work as he can’t get credit, but as this is only a rumour, is there a way of actually finding out ?

John answers:

Don’t allow the existence (or otherwise) of a Ltd.Co., of same name to confuse you ..

Write DIRECT to the person and ask him to settle his outstanding bills in full, giving him the usual 14 days.

If you do not receive your money in full, start legal action on day 15 …

If the amount is £3,000 or less, start an action in the Small Claims Court … And try to get an early hearing .. There will soon be a queue .. He may well settle the first few demands in an effort to avoid being made bankrupt .. But you MUST get in first and push, push, push form your cash or you may end up with nothing (other than the satisfaction of sending in the bailiffs or making him bankrupt).

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