Your Questions About Debt Busting

Sharon asks…

If you were the leader of a country what tactics would you use to control the people?

For example make everyone go on benefit so you control them or create a boom and bust economy so the people are constantly in debt you could also create a mysterious threat that could strike you at any moment in your home like terrorism. What else is there that countrie do or could do to control people?

John answers:

Exactly what His Majesty is doing. However, what he’s doing is wrong, destructive and will destroy this country!

Obama-care is totally about power & control & isn’t reform. Get the people dependant on the government. Tell them that the government is the one that gives them “rights.”

Our rights come from God, not the government!

Donald asks…

How is this financial mess going to end?

Most western countries are in huge debt so much so that they may never be able to get out of it.
The government of these nations have pumped in even more debt as they are not willing to allow the system to correct itself.
We are heading towards the biggest bubbles of all time – nations going bust!
WAR may be the only answer to deep economic crisis

John answers:

We are going to come out of this recession and get back to more or less normal levels of employment.

We are going to continue to spend too much money.

Our standard of living is going to continue to fall.

The Chinese are going to gain more and more influence over us as our power wanes while theirs increases.

The West is going to go out with a whimper not a bang.

Unless we get very unlucky.

Linda asks…

How has the credit crunch affected you?

We consider ourselves fairly lucky even though one of our two small shops has gone bust since the summer and the other one isn’t far behind. At least we ‘re earning something even though we’re not by any means paying the bills and are up to our ears in debt. How has it affected anyone else?

John answers:

Because I live within my means. I make about 40 k a year. I have two kids and a house, a car payment and I pay all the bill and buy all the groceries. I am not affected at all by any of the economic issues…. YET.

Robert asks…

Why do people assume free market capitalism is sustainable long-term?

It’s an obvious failure that artificially seems good for a while but then bursts at the seems once all the perpetual debt has to be paid. Face it folks, free market capitalism is a fat bloated three legged hog, being held up by a prosthetic leg known as central banking which is doomed to bust sending that hog face first in the filthy, grimy, muddy, stench that it was created from.

John answers:

Yes I love the colorful language and I couldn’t agree more. It’s simply not sustainable. Unless you consider a perpetual cycle of boom bust boom bust boom bust boom bust to be sustainable.

Steven asks…

I am completely out of debt.?

I’ve busted my a$$ a year now to get out of debt. I thought I would be feel great but it’s just kind of like whatever.

Did anyone else think they would feel a great relief only to feel bleh after actually achieving it?
Car’s paid for. I have no mortgage.

John answers:

You MUST throw a party.
Just like people do when they pay off a mortgage.
By the way – if you have a mortgage or a car payment – you are still in debt.

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