Your Questions About Debt Busting

John asks…

What did Obama do in his almost 4 years in office?

He wanted to close the Cuban prison and that didn’t happen. He wanted more jobs and that didn’t happen. He dropped billions in that one green company and that company went bust. He did, however, change over 300 years of history in allowing gays into the military. He increased the national debt to way more than what it was before he came into office. What has this man done for the country except be the first, half black man, in office? Are there people who actually believe that he’s going to get re-elected?

John answers:


Mary asks…

Did anyone hear about Obama appearing on the show “Mythbusters”?

What myth is he going to bust? Perhaps something about spending a trillion dollars to get out of debt and create jobs doesn’t really work?

John answers:

I saw this one on Facebook. “On the episode set to air Dec. 8, the president will appear in a walk-on and challenge Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman to test the legend of Archimedes. Supposedly, the ancient Greek mathematician destroyed an invading Roman fleet by using only mirrors that reflected the sun’s rays. Savage and Hyneman will devise an experiment to test the legend and report back the results.”

And my answer…. “Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome is a classic case of insanity. Socialism and this myth have been busted many times. So what does this tell us about Obama?”

George asks…

Can anybody solve these anagrams?

They are all of famous bands.
cat nicks my ore
face hire skis
cheer pigs list

A example of one I got is debt us = busted
Thank you!
Am sure are all famous bands

John answers:

Arctic monkeys
kaiser chiefs
the spice girls

William asks…

Livingston FC, DEBT????

i heard Livingston will follow Gretna and go bust, does anyone know what they need to survive because surely its not has much has a premiership wages?

John answers:

Wages are not the problem – at least, not any more…but the team that won the 2004 League Cup was a hell of a team:

McKenzie ,Rubio ,Andrews ,Dorado ,McNamee (McLaughlin ,80 ) ,Makel ,Lovell ,O’Brien (McGovern ,89 ) ,McAllister ,Fernandez (Pasquinelli ,86 ) ,Lilley

Impressive, right? Most of these guys were quality players. But Livi only took 8,000-odd fans to Hampden for the final, and the very next week just 4,483 turned out for their next league game at Almondvale against Aberdeen. Less than two weeks after that cup win, Livi went into administration for the first time – the inevitable result of high wage bill and low attendances and the team was gradually sold off, culminating in relegation in 2006 which slashed their revenue even further.

In answer to what they need just to survive, in the short term unless someone puts a quarter of a million in in the next fortnight, then they won’t survive. And nobody is willing to put that much money into an SFL division 1 club these days, especially not one where the current majority owner – reviled by fans – steadfastly refuses to stand aside.

So in short, barring a miracle Livingston have played their last game.

Michael asks…

Would you rather be Liverpool or Arsenal?

Arsenal – A team who don’t win trophies but play good football and play in the CL, also pretend to challenge for the PL but give up in March but aren’t in danger of ever going into administration.

Liverpool – Don’t win trophies or play good football or play in the CL, don’t challenge for the title and are in danger of going bust.

FQ – Did Liverpool’s debt come from Torres’ medical bills?

@ PC Tech – Another Liverpool fan living in the past, there’s a suprise!

John answers:

I’d rather be Everton – a team that doesn’t win trophies and doesn’t whinge about it

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