Your Questions About Debt Busting

David asks…

I am medically disabled and on disability and if government in U.S. cant reach agreement on debt……?

I have just put money into getting into a rent to own house cuz family house of my dad’s i was living in got foreclosed on cuz he never told anyone he had missed over a year of payments before he died.

For real I may not get my social security disability check until something is reached if debt ceiling isnt raised by August 2nd?

If so, just how in the hell does the government expect me to pay my rent/mortgage and utilities of which i need electric to run machine i use for one of my illnesses or else i will get sick and end up in hospital or die AND how in the hell do they expect me to eat an pay for my medicines? Speaking of hospital, how does the government expect me to pay for a hospital stay if they also stop payments on medicaid and medicare? I cant afford no $45,000 stay in the hospital.

The government cant just up and cut off everything and say “Oh well, no more help for you.” Not after I busted my ass for years and paid into the system before i became medically disabled.

John answers:

Hi Alex I feel for you being in the same boat, I know how you probably feel.

I am very scared to go homeless. Lose a lifetime of things I possess, not be able to buy a single thing. Even the food I saved up will be useless if I cannot lug it around or cook it. I was also injured this year and can barely walk. I could not survive on the streets at all and have noone who would be able or willing to help me. I am already so overstressed and depressed, this might throw me over the edge.

My son assures me it will not happen and at the last minute a deal will be made. I am hoping and trusting he is right.

Even if it is, one’s sense of security will never be the same knowing they could do this again. How can you depend on things when you live month to month barely making it through the month with no way to save anything. It is

A piece in the back of my mind wonders if this crisis was not deliberately manufactured. If the checks come, we will be so glad, we will miss/justify/ignore all the crap they get added on to get their way (politicians).

It they do not come, this will result in not only suffering but death for some..suicides, homicides, freezing, heat strokes, lack of medications, poor nutrition, starving, desperation assaults, increased crimes and so forth. With time many will get sick or die and all will suffer many losing hope and having stress slowly kill them. Once the winter hits, even more will go.

This would do away with the people “the powers that be” think are the least needed members and the biggest drain on society and medical dollars…the old, the disabled and disabled vets. Hmm sounds familiar to another society that got rid of the most vulnerable first.

I have heard they are trying to reduce the population drastically and this would do it. If there riots are riots due to this, they might even start shooting people.

It will also hurt society…there will be drains on agencies trying to help who already have had funding budgets cut in half and on currently overstressed churches, food pantries, etc.

Relatives trying to suddenly help their elderly parents or ill siblings etc deal with housing, utilities, food, transportation and medicines will be stretched to breaking as people are already hurting. People will get used to see very ill and old people on the streets and soon ignore them..Fights will happen and maybe elder abuse as people feel forced to take in relatives.The unluckier ones do not have relatives to help out.

I will never forget a old man I saw sobbing in the front of a store. Years ago. He was shivering and frozen from the zero degree snow outside and the store was calling the police. He told of losing G R. And his $98 check and how they gave them just a two week notice that he would lose his income..not much of an income but the difference between a shabby room somewhere and the streets. Many older people were cut off during that time and who knows what happened to them. Noone seemed to care.

Who is going to hire an senior or a disabled person in this economy when they have 70 able bodies people applying for every job? This will hurt many millions of people..also credit ratings will be destroyed and eviction may prevent people from finding housing down the road. Late fees will mount making it hard to ever get caught back up. People who get money from these 70 million people will not get that money and some businesses could go under as well.

Knowing that the suffering I will have will be multiplied by millions of people is hard and the fact thjat the politicians don’t care as they each try to blame the other party or gain from it makes me completely sick.

May God help us. Jesus does love the poor and the sick, unlike these awful people in Washington making life changing decisions. When they go one day, may they have to relive and feel the suffering of those they harmed. Feel every tear they caused, every fear and worry and every hardship and death. I hope they will not get away with this. Then they will know what they did. In the meantime let’s hope some deal is worked out that will stop those potential tears, fears, worries and hardships. We need to pray as a nation that this does not happen.

Ruth asks…

How to earn money for a teenager?

I’m 13, and I totally busted my phone bill. I used the Internet wayyyy too much, so I ended up with 2000 dollars in debt to my parents. I really need ideas on how to make some money, so I don’t feel as guilty. Please help!
P.S., I’m a girl…

John answers:

I assure you those online money making ways are just skeems for you to work and not get shit, don’t waste your time, if you need some cash get a part time job, try burger king or mcdonalds, try to make a deal with your parents by doing chores around the house and stuff

Robert asks…

How to get a fairweather “friend” to repay his huge debt to me?

I have this “friend” who basically used me for every penny he could;he told me all kinds of sob stories which I later learned weren’t true and this whole time he was blowing the money on wild nights of partying with his real friends i assume.. He has never even bothered to call me, if we see each other its because I drive 2 hours and stop by his workplace since hes never even invited me to his house..everything was always on me but when I’d bring it up he was quick to switch topics or act like he was hurt. I can not believe how he has the nerve to string me along & use me like this after all I’ve done for him! I decided to test him and havent emailed him for over a month, and of course he hasnt emailed me neither. Today I emailed just to say hi & I see that he didn’t even bother to open it, I know he does check his email several times a day so the only reason he didnt read it is because he doesnt care at all what I had to say, or maybe he knows I know about this upcoming vacation to mexico he has bragged to mutual friend about. Anyway, I’ve finally had enough of this and I am going to end the “friendship”, but not before he repays me the money he conned me out of. I dont know how to go about enforcing this though short of suing him or busting into his workplace like a raving lunatic. What I’d like to know is should I be calm about it or rip into him for how hes done me, obviously he’s not going to bother opening my emails so is court my only option?
By the way, the amount is over $6000 CASH over the course of a year..he made it all very dramatic & believeable to the point of crying when he would casually mention money troubles; I wonder if this is considered Fraud or Theft by deception in court?

John answers:

Well, it seems apparent that you have no kind of written contract = you have no legal case.

Just let the loser go and be done with him – ‘busting into his workplace like a raving lunatic’ will possibly get YOU arrested.
We all know people like this. I personally am (or used to be) an easy touch for money, and I have been burned many times. I don’t really loan money any more. If I do, it’s only a small amount and it needs to be paid back on the agreed date. If it isn’t paid back, I no longer even give the person the time of day, much less any more money. They try though, but nowadays all they see out of me is my front door closing in their face.

Mandy asks…

What will happen if Mr Green and Whyte’s company go bust?

Will rangers have to pay more considering their debt has been transfered to his company and not wiped out.

John answers:

If i have a loan with Lloyds and they go bust will i owe even more money? Nope

Carol asks…

Why does the Uk have the biggest budget deficit of all the G8 countries?

I thought brown had ended boom and bust, so why is the UK so badly in debt? And why he is increasing spending in the middle of a recession?

John answers:

Because the Labour party have never been able to run this country without running up a huge deficit. They are the worse political party when it comes to public finances. I sight the Wilson government that in the 70’s had to go to the World bank to bail us out, so another 2 years will see us in the same position with this one.

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