Your Questions About Debt Busting

Robert asks…

Is it a sad day for the Obama Administration when even Harry Belafonte is busting his chops?

John answers:

Everyone is awaking to the vague fraud.

David asks…

I received a debt by force while in the military by my chain of command. Can I fight this?

I was living off base as e-4 over 4, went to mass and was busted down which meant I was no longer entitled to housing. I was only given 14 days of restriction from the commanding officer, but my chain of command kept me on their own restriction for about 6 months. My rating was a Personnel Specialist (PS) and my own chain of command controlled pay and EO was part of my department, so I had no way to stop the payments even upon request (non-functional chain of command). The debt piled up until I was finally able to get off restriction and move out. I’ve looked all over the internet and I can’t find anything about fighting debt that was caused by force by an entity and owed to the same entity. Can anyone help me?

John answers:

I would have requested mass and gone over your chain of commands head. Although you were being punished, you received your punishment and did your “time”.
I would talk with JAG. They are free, know military law like the back of their hands and would be your best help.

Sandy asks…

Carpet or knock out debt?

My husband and I are thinking of having our house carpeted. It’s wood floor throughout and it’s not very nice. But the main reason we’d like to carpet is that our 16 month old son keeps falling on it and hurting himself. I know it’s normal to expect injuries when you have a toddler, but in the past 5 days he’s busted his lip twice and gotten a huge knot on his head, simply by falling off toys or tripping when he walks. I can’t stand over him all day to catch him if he falls. The problem is that we have about $1500 to put towards paying off debt, and it would take all of that, plus some probably to carpet about 750 sq. feet of our house. What would you do? Pay debt, or carpet? We are not in a bad financial situation now, we can make our monthly payments plus some, but not sure what to do with what we have saved now.

John answers:

Pay Debt.

Helen asks…

can i get a woman even though i have alot of debt and not much money?

Im 24 and I graduated from architecture school with a masters degree last may and so far all ive managed to secure in this economy is a part time architure job. My school loans are kicking in and i still live in my parents basement. it wasn’t supposed to be this way. Im wasting my youth. I busted my ass for 6 years in school and accrued all this debt. my early twenties are gone and i now face the harsh reality of life. i dont even try to look for a girlfreind right now because i feel unworthy and i cant afford expensive dates. I always dreamed of myself as being the provider type and now i have nothing to provide except my pretty face and my charm. Should i just play the starving artist card and be content with being broke?
im a guy by the way

John answers:

If you resign yourself to being broke and unhappy then you will always be broke and unhappy. Enough with the pity party here. You control your own destiny. You may have a part time job now, but develop a game plan to make it full time. Don’t wait for thing to happen to you! You go and make it happen.

Betty asks…

what do I do about my fiance’s debt?

We are getting married In april and we have one major issue and I really need honest helpful advice. I am 31 and have no debt, never had a credit card, and always pay my bills on time. He is 30 years old and owes his brother 1,200.00 for a POS truck he bought, owes another guy about 2,000.00 for a truck he once had, owes 4,000.00 in lawyer fees because he was stupid when younger and drove drunk and got busted a couple times. Oh and he borrowed 6,000.00 from his dad for the townhome he just bought for us but he will pay that back when he gets the rebate check within another week. My point is…he accumulated all this debt and now he expects me to help pay it all off. This was wayyyyyyyyyyyy before we even meet. I know i know that i should help him because we are getting married. His money is mine and vise versa. The only problem I have is the lawyer fees for the DWI’s. I don’t agree with it and I don’t think I should have to pay for his BAD mistake. He could have hurt himself or worse….someone else. He doesn’t drink anymore except the occasional beer here and there but would never get in a car and drive now. When we went to our mentor couple for wedding prep classes, they told me I should help him pay it but but but they didnt know what the debt‘s were for. It wasnt my place to say. My fiance and I talked about it later and he said we have to have joint accounts WE ARE GOING TO BE MARRIED. i told him how I felt about it and he said….well if you got one, I would have to bail you out and help you pay for it. The diff is….I DONT DRIVE DRUNK! iT WOULD NEVER HAPPEN. so……what do I do?
again….if this was for schooling or something do better himself…i would help with no question’s asked. So do I do the joint account? or do sep accountS?

John answers:

When you marry him do you think that you should be allowed to live in the house that he bought or drive the truck or wear the ring that you have on your finger? I know this is a silly question but the bad comes with the good and you need to accept it all or none. If you don’t want his debt, don’t marry him. Maybe you can just wait to get married until he pays off his DUI fines.

In my opinion, you are being unreasonable. Does the money really matter or are you upset that he was driving drunk which you are obviously very against (BTW, so am I) ? You said that he doesn’t do that anymore, so let his past be his past. I would help him pay the fines. Then you would never have to worry about them again.

As for the joint account or seperate…you have to figure out what works best for both of you. My dear friend and her hubby have been married for 17 years and they still have seperate bank accounts and they still split the household bills.

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