Your Questions About Credit Reports With Scores

Chris asks…

credit reports?

I am currently with where I can see my credit info all the time. I do pay for it but I’ve been reading ALOT of bad reviews on them lately like how they’ll cancel your membership if you view your report too often but what really worries me is I have read about how they pretty much make up their own credit scores. Where people will check their scores at and then go to get a loan or something and their score is 20-100 points lower then what true credit said it was. I dont mind paying to see my report whenever I want but I am looking for a site that is accurate and trustworthy where I can view my info whenever preferably something that is recognized by the government and the bbb. Can anyone help me out?
the point i was trying to make was that true credit makes up their own score, their not giving you the three credit bureaus scores their taking those scores and making up their own. I am well aware of how credit scores and experian, trans union and equifax work alls im looking for is a GOOD credit monitoring service.

John answers:

Even though some one gave him a thumbs down Number 1 was right with what he said. A good reason for you to get a different result is that there are three major credit bureaus and they will never be the same. So you are checking one and then you get it from another one and there is going to be a difference

William asks…

How to get all 3 credit scores?

I am planning to apply for a home loan and would like to take a look at credit ratings from all the three bureaus. I do have subscription with Zendough, but it shows 3 credit reports and the only the Transunion score. Is there a site out there that shows all the 3 scores. I am will to pay a small fee.

John answers:

Dude don’t waste your money on credit ratings that lenders don’t even go by. If you want the credit score that lenders go buy then you want your fico score. Your fico score is the true credit score. All other credit scores are estimates. You can purchase your fico score for a one time charge of $15.95 at

Carol asks…

Why do I have 3 different credit scores from the credit reporting agencies?

I am currently monitoring my credit report from the 3 credit bureaus. I filed bankruptcy almost 2 years ago and I currently have no balances on any of the 4 credit cards I have and have never been late on a payment to them. I monitor my credit report with Experian and I now have a 620 credit score. With experian I have seen a steady increase in my credit score since I filed my bankruptcy. With the other two agencies, I haven’t seen much of a change. Experian is at 550 and Transunion is at 505. I have checked my report with all 3 bureaus and they all have the same information. Can anyone tell me why there is such a difference in the three credit scores? As of right now, I have $100 balances. I pay all my bills on time and from everything I’ve read, a discharged bankruptcy from 2 years ago should have my credit back to about the 650 -670 range. Am I missing something?

John answers:

The reason you have 3 different credit scores is because each of the bureaus are independent of each other, and have completely different scoring systems. In my 4+ years I have only seen someone have the same score from 2 of the bureaus ONE time. Don’t be concerned about this at all.

What you should be working on (and it sounds like you WANT to) is raising your credit score. With the scores you have right now, you are in the bottom 10-15% of the population. But don’t fear! It is rather easy to increase your scores drastically, and within a reasonably short amount of time.

#1: Keep each type of account on your reports. Your bureau is divided into the following: a)Mortgage, b)Installment (like auto, student and personal loans), and c)Revolving (credit cards). A:If you aren’t a homeowner, or don’t think you can qualify for a purchase, look into a Lease To Purchase option. This will allow you to get your foot in the door to home ownership. B: Paying cash for your vehicles will hurt you in the long run. If you can’t qualify yourself, get a co-signor…At least you will be building your credit!

The reason I am starring this, is because this is where the large majority of my clients with low scores have fallen short, and the easiest to correct!
1. Never pay late- pretty self explanatory
2. Don’t close out all of your cards! One HUGE misconception is that you will benefit if you pay off and close out all of your accounts. On the contrary, this actually really hurts your credit. Think of it this way…You have had these long-standing accounts with good payment history, and all of a sudden they are gone! It’s basically like a heart attack to your credit report! Closing out a few accounts which haven’t been used for a while is okay- start with accounts that have smaller available credit limits and huge interest rates like store cards (Sears, Old Navy, etc).
3. Remember the “50% rule”. Simply put, don’t go over 50% of your available credit limit. It doesn’t matter if you have a limit of $1000 or 10,000…Keep it under the 1/2way point. People who do not follow this will see a drastic drop in their scores; even if they pay on time each and every month!
4. Lastly, USE YOUR CREDIT! Charge dinner, gas, groceries, whatever…And pay it off when the bill comes. You want to make a conscious effort to keep your credit open and active every month.

I hope this helps! It will take some time and effort, but you could see your scores reach the prime level (above 685) within a years time! :)

Donna asks…

Why do different credit reporting agencies report such dramatically different credit scores?

For example, Transunion has shown that I have been able to up my credit score by 100pts in the last 1 1/2 years, but Experian is showing a drop by a few points. Transunion says my credit is good, experian shows my credit is poor. How the hell can one be bad and one be good? I pay ALL bills on time and I always pay more than the minimums. I’ve even paid off a couple this year and I don’t have much open. Can someone help me with this confusion?
It’s my FICO thats showing high and good and a PLUS thats showing bad and poor. All I need to worry about is the FICO then?

John answers:

Make sure it’s Apples to Apples. Not all credit reporting agencies use the same credit scoring method. You need to double check it’s the FICO score, and nothing else. The other scores are crap and not worth anything.

I’ll bet you Transunion gave you the Vantage score, or whatever they call it. Unless it actually says FICO, you didn’t get FICO.

James asks…

Reporting deliquent accounts to the three credit reports??

I work for a psychotherapst in a private practice. We have several accounts (the patients of course no longer come for sessions) with past due balances in the thousands of dollars. I am interested to know how, or even if, small businesses can report pass due accounts to the three companies that provide credit scores and reports? I am aware that there may be some issues of breech of confidentiality by releasing the info, so will not proceed until I have addressed them, but would like to know if reporting them to the agencies is even possible for small companies. Thanks so much.

John answers:

WEll to my knowledge . Yes you can you have to look into it more contact the agencies. I worked for a small practice as well and it wouldnt be that long before I would send the account to collections. Def, the owner didnt play at all. Like she wouldnt allow the acount to go to thousands of dollars before sending the account out. Im not particularly sure about the details but for the software accounitng books I used it was just a matter of sending them to collections. Which there account would not be in my active patients anymore the whole account would go to a select group and then id say she would turn those accounts over the the credit bureau and what not. Id suggest contacting the credit companies.


Good Luck

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