Your Questions About Credit Reports With Scores

Robert asks…

Where can I get cheap credit reports and scores for all three bureaus or just experian?

I already got my free reports this year so please don’t answer with “you can get them for free at ….. ”

Thanks xoxox

John answers:

Go to a bank and tell them you are interested in obtaining a loan. Any time a bank looks to approve you they automatically run your credit reports. They will not be able to let you have them, but most will show them to you…And almost all of them will at least tell you what your scores are. Pretty easy way to get them and it only costs you a few minutes of your time.

David asks…

All three credit reports, scores and monitoring…MONTHLY?

Im looking for a company that can offer all three credit reports and credit monitoring. regardless of monthly fee.

I know i can get one free a year but i want all three reports, scores and monitoring every month.

Is there any like that out there and for what price

PS. i already know about i cant get that one
they want me to fax something and im in iraq with no fax, seems like hassle. anyother ones?


John answers:

Try AAA; they offer a monitoring service with their roadside membership. It won’t be a monthly report though; I don’t think anyone offers that. If they did, it would show on your report and negatively effect your score. Now they wonder why you are getting monthly reports and think you have something to hide.

Chris asks…

How can I order a credit scores from all 3 credit bureau?

I’m trying to order a report with my credit scores without signing up for some trial membership that I will need to cancel later. I know I can order the credit reports for free but I need to know my scores. Can someone help me?

John answers:

Just take the easy way out and sign up for the trial membership you get to see your credit score almost straight away, also since your aware its a trial ensure you cancel as soon as you get your score and you won;t be charged. I’ve listed the site I use below

Thomas asks…

Why are the cal coast credit report scores 20-30 lower than other credit report scores?

Why are the cal coast credit report scores 20 to 30 points lower than the credit scores pulled from equifax, transunion and experian? What is wrong with cal coast?

I’m asking this question because the credit report scores that I pull give me a green light for refi. But, my mortage lender uses Cal Coast to provide the credit report scores. The scores are lower. Why would there be a difference?

John answers:

The scores that you pulled are probably not true FICO scores. They are generated using another model. Even if you did get them from, some banks use a “version” of FICO that is weighted toward their particular industry.

Sandy asks…

Credit Scores equal with different companies?

I checked my credit report and score in June 2005 with Equifax and just now (January 2007) with TransUnion. While websites explicitly state that credit reports may differ among these companies, I can’t find anything on the credit scores. Are those similar? For example, suppose I rated a 650 with TransUnion just now; would it be around that same number if I checked with Equifax or Experian?

John answers:

Not neccessarily. Your score is based on a formula which is tabulated according to your report. So obviously, if experian has an account that transunion doesn’t, or if one has alate that the other doesn’t, your score will not be the same.

It’s best to pull all 3 reports and all 3 scores if you want to know…. My scores range 40 points apart.

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