Your Questions About Credit Reports With Scores

Laura asks…

How can I see my credit report/score for free from a LEGIT website?

I heard you can see and review your credit report for free from the three main companies once a year. I am trying to find it online and I am only getting the fraudulent websites.

John answers:

You can only get your credit report for free annually :

Your actual FICO score is NEVER free. It will cost you under $20 at

Carol asks…

What is the best way to raise my credit score?

i have paid everything that was on my credit report and since then my score have only moved in 1 direction, down. Can u please tell me how to get my score up.

John answers:

Unfortunetly when you pay something off in a lump sum, the credit bureaus don’t like this and the score drops. Ie. I just had 30k dropped from my credit and my credit score dropped 20 points as well!

My financial advisor said, however, to wait about 30+ days and you will see it raise again, as long as no one is looking at your credit report (yes when someone looks at your credit report that shows up as a negative thing!!!!)

James asks…

How do you know the item on your credit report is from which credit bureau?

I got a credit report from a lender (the lender type of credit report), it lists 3 credit scores.

There is a same tax lien listed twice, one has account number , the other doesn’t has an account number. Which credit bureau should I contact for this issue? How do you know which item is from which credit bureau?

John answers:

If you are looking for the free credit score usa national site, check out this site

Here you can get your 3-in-1 free credit report and credit score rating

David asks…

Can a collection agency report a missed payment every month even if it is not a revolving account?

This is an account from an apartment lease from 2004 that just showed up on my credit report in September of this year. It was just reported in September of this year. I am disputing it because it contradicts the agreement made when I terminated the lease. I reviewed my credit report and score and it has gone down each month because they reported missed payments. This is the only negative mark on my report and it is eating away at my credit score.

John answers:

They are probably updating each month with KD or key derogatory. Yes, it will hurt your score having this, and yes they are allowed to do this. They probably will continue to update it monthly for a while. By you disputing it, the account gains their attention, and they will think by continuing to update the KD mark, you may pay it. After a few months, they will probably stop updating the account.

I would offer them a “pay for delete” if they did verify the debt with the reporting agency. You can add in that “pay for delete” agreement that if this agreement is not accepted, you will require them to furnish a full validation of the debt. This is a pain for most collectors and they may just comply with your request. A pay for delete agreement basically is when you offer to pay (either in full or settle the account) and in return they will remove any and all info from all reporting agencies.

It is important to note, if you absolutely know that the agreement you originally signed contradicts what’s happening now, you should ask for validation now, instead of offering a pay for delete. However, you may find it easier to resolve the matter if you offer to pay something in return for deleting the negative account.

In any case, since the account is from 2004, they can continue reporting this until 2011 or 7 years from the date of first delinquency.

Hope this helps & best of luck!

Maria asks…

How far is Credit Karmas score off from FICO ?

Ive been tracking my CK score for months and its 762 currently. Been as high as 771 and as low as 739 when I had a credit card maxed out with a 0% deal.

Anyway, since the real FICO score isnt as free and easy to get I havent bothered.

The free credit reports dont give scores unless you pay, something I refuse to do.

And I wont do the pay and then you must cancel because its shady.


John answers:

The last time I pulled my TU FICO, I also pulled CK.
I noticed that CK was about 65 points lower than the FICO.
Others have reported that CK is close or is up to about 100 points off of FICO.

Be careful with CK, a couple of months ago there has been reports from people who pulled CK and noticed CK did hard inquiries on their credit reports.
It was a glitch and those inq’s were removed, but it’s still happening to some people. If you notice a hard then you should contact CK and ask them to remove it.

You might go to myFICO and use the score estimator they have. It will still be a fako though.

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