Your Questions About Credit Reports With Scores

Laura asks…

Where can I get all 3 credit reports and 3 credit scores?

But I want to get them for a flat fee, I don’t want to sign up for a trail or a monthly fee. I just want to pay for it one time and not worry about my credit card being charged later, but I need all 3 reports that come with all 3 scores not just 1.
I know I can get a credit report for free, but I want to know where I can get all 3 scores and 3 reports from all 3 bureaus.

John answers:

You can get 1 free from each bureau every 12 months.

Mary asks…

Are there credit scores and reports in other countries?

If u move to another country does your credit report move with you?

John answers:

NO your credit report is unique to the country you live and take no notice of any idiot who tells you different. Each country as its own database and as yet none are connected to each other. However you will have to rebuild your credit in the country you move to

Betty asks…

Why are employers discriminating against people with low credit scores on their credit reports?

I mean come on they will not hire you because of your credit report but how can you pay off the debt with no job?

John answers:

I completely agree with you! I have a degree but a low credit score and I have been looking for a job with my degree since August!! If you get any good answers could you please let me know? Thanks

Ruth asks…

Where can I get unlimited 3 credit reports and scores online?

I want the real Fico score. I need to keep track of my reports and I want to be able to pull an new one with score anytime… monthly membership type thing??

John answers:


there’s tons of others…just type it in a search engine

James asks…

Where can I buy a copy of my 3 credit reports with scores?

for a ONE time fee..not something that has a “free trail” or monthly fee. Just want to pull the big 3 with scores and be done with it… so where do I go online for this?

John answers:

See if this is what you’re looking for. Check it out carefully because I can’t promise it’s what you want, but it appears to be.

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