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Lizzie asks…

How can I get rid of something on my credit?

I just applied for an apartment and was told I owe another apartment center money from 5 years ago. I don’t get why as I was only 15 back then and had no apartment or job. How can I get rid of this bad credit report?

John answers:

Sometimes it is an error but sometimes it means that someone is using your personal info and That is called Identity theft. You should immediately take actions which is to freeze your credit reports (note if know that you are a victim of identity theft and you file a police report you may be able to get free credit freeze services) Also notify your creditors about this close any existing credit card accounts and open new ones and add passwords to them. You may wish to notify social security about this as well. Plus you should also get a free copy of all your credit reports from the three nationwide credit reporting agencies equifax, experian, and transunion at or call 18883973742 ( experian) 1800 6807289 (Transunion) 1800 6851111 (Equifax) and dispute all innaccurate info right away. You should also contact the federal trade commission at or at 1877 id theft to report this to them. Also Stan C is right you should also speak to the rental agent about this

Paul asks…

Is there a fast way to clean up your credit report?

Can it will be possible to rectifies and clean up the credit report. Are any agencies available to do this at low cost

John answers:

If anyone offers to clean up your credit report fast, run the other way. There is no guaranteed, low cost way of doing this. All you can do is bring your accounts current, then pay on time and wait as your credit score increases. Some companies may allow a “pay for delete” in which you pay off the balance and they remover the negative info, but this is not guaranteed nor is it even necessary for the company to agree to. An offer to settle for less than 100% will probably result in continued reporting of the delinquency to the credit bureau (the company has no incentive to delete if you aren’t paying the full bill).

For more info on credit repair scams, check out the FTC’s page at:

Betty asks…

What countries are most accepting of Canadian immigrants?

I have a degree in Technology, steady work experience, a clean record, massive finances, and a good credit report.

I want to leave Canada because of the constant bad weather, terrible politics, and an increasing Communist gov‘t. I was thinking Australia, New Zealand or South Africa, maybe you can suggest an alternative as I am miserable here.

John answers:

New Zealand is the place to be. Most Canucks come to the States but life here is becoming infathomable. I know four Canadians that have recently moved to Auckland.

Sandra asks…

Is there any way to get my credit report if im?

not 18 years of age yet?!! My social security card has been stolen or misplaced or lost. Im not sure where it is or if someone has it. I need to see my credit report in order to tell if someone has used my card to open an account or get into my account. Thanks.

John answers:

I am sorry to hear that. The first thing you should do before checking your credit report is to set fraud alerts with the 3 credit bureaus as a preventative measure. Follow the links below to do so:




The second thing to do is to report your SS card stolen and ask for a new one:**&p_li=&p_topview=1

Then you need to obtain your 3 credit reports, which you can do for free if you have not obtained them in the last 12 months. In order to get your credit reports go to:

In order to learn how to read your credit report and how to dispute items that don’t belong on there go to:

Good luck!

Donald asks…

How can I higher my credit score fast?! Im talking 150-200 points in a year?

I just paid off my bad debts Im still trying to get them all to show up as paid in full on my credit report. I also just bought a new car a few months ago and I have been making double car payments each month. I also have gotten 3 small credit cards in the past 6 months that I always pay on time with or sometimes even just pay off monthly. Other than that all I have is deferred student loans that show up as pays as agreed. What can I do to higher my credit score as I want to buy a house within the next year?

John answers:

I got into credit troubles year ago and stopped using credit. I financed new vehicles so I had some credit but my score sucked (550 mid). I kept going back to the same 2 banks for auto loans so I always got the “incentivised low rate”. Less than 6 months later I am up to a 620+. Should increase another 60 in less than 6 months.

I kept applying for a bunch of store credit cards. I had two little capital on visa’s previously. Now i have everything under the sun. Macy’s, Nordstrom, Radioshack, Target, etc. I went out and bought something on each card (ran up balance to less than 50%, all are $5-600 credit limits). I set up automatic payments with online banking and just watch my score increase each month.

How much house do you want to purchase?? If it’s not too high you can try a FHA loan. It’s a gov’t program that doesn’t use fico scores. Based on housing prices in your area/county.

-12 years experience, auto finance/mortgage lending

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