Your Questions About Credit Reports For Renters

William asks…

how can i report credit information to the credit bureaus?

I have rental property and would like to report the renter’s pay history to the credit bureaus.

John answers:

You can’t unless you subscribe to the credit bureau’ services as a creditor customer.

Lisa asks…

What’s the best companies to use to check a potential renter’s credit report?

Are there companies that specialize in pulling credit for tenants only? And how much do they charge? I am looking to rent out my home and need to do credit checks on the applicants.

John answers:

Here’s an article on Clark Howard’s website that addresses that question:

Laura asks…

What mortgage co or bank finances moble homes?

I have moble home with land I have owner at the present has been for 2+ years never been late and paid $8,000.00. The reason it is owner financed is a few years ago I had colon cancer with other problems health wise and I could not work and was applying for disability which I have now but then I had medical bills I could not pay and they were put on credit report. Everything is medical present bank loans and ones in past have never been late

John answers:

As I understand your question – your english is very garbled – You own a mobile home and the land with it. The Renter? Present has been in the home for over 2 years, and never been late. You have health problems and want to have a bank finance your tenant (renter?) so that you get the price you want for the mobile home and land. You need to discuss this with ANY bank in your area! All banks can make MORTGAGES on homes that are attached to the LAND. If its a home in a mobile Park – then you’ll have a harder time. Good Luck!

Lizzie asks…

Need to know how to report my last renter to the credit bureau?

My last renter in California left without paying the full last month rent and 8+ months of late fees of about $1,000. He left the place a disaster, left some damage, took the keys and garage openers and stole over $2,000 of our property as well.
We have filed a police report but they will not do anything about it.
Does anyone know how we can at least report this to the credit bureau so it will show up on his credit score and hopefully not happen to the next landlord.

John answers:

You can report resident debt to the three credit bureaus via this link:

Be warned that the tenant can dispute the debt and if you do not have a judgment through the courts, it may not stick.

You really need to sue the tenant in Small Claims court.

You may have a hard time justifying the $1,000.00 in late fees – they should have been collected as they became due. You can only sue for the depreciated value of any property which was stolen. Hopefully you have pictures of the disaster and damage that he left behind.

Paul asks…

If renters run off who is responsible for paying the utility bill?

If your renters leave the home they rent from you without paying the monthly dues, and then the management company finds utility bill that are overdue, who is responsible for paying? And if it’s the renter’s responsibility, how does the owner find and force them to pay?

John answers:

I completely understand where you are coming from. I had renters that did not pay there electric and cable bill. Both bills were about $700 each. If the bill is in their names, you have nothing to worry about, because the electric company has their SSN and it will go to collections then eventually go on their credit report. However, if it is in your name you need to contact the electric company as soon as possible and let them know the situation.

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