Your Questions About Credit Reports For Landlords

George asks…

Can I ask a credit report from my previous broker and take the report to another one?

If I paid a broker to run my credit report. Can I ask and take the report to another broker? The previous broker ran my credit and we did not end up getting the apt. because we submitted the application too late. I was wondering if I can ask for a copy and take it to another broker to find another apt. Because I do not want to get my credit run more than it should be.

John answers:

Why not just get your own credit reports?
All 3 are free once a year at
Annual Credit
No credit/debit card required.
And don’t be tempted to pay for the score. This won’t help anyone.

A landlord will not accept anything handed by you since it can be forged.
(Information edited / changed).
Note: This does NOT affect your credit.
They are not doing hard inquries.

Helen asks…

How can landlord add eviction to credit report without my address?

In a previous question I asked if my landlord could add an eviction to my credit report without my correct last name or SSN. One of my responses was that if she had my address I’m “nailed” but I don’t see how. What if someone else in the same city had the exact same name? Also, I have moved to another state and my landlord doesn’t have my new address. She has my cell phone number but the area code is differnt than the state in which I now reside. Is there any other way the eviction could be added to my credit report? I actually am facing a financial crisis and don’t have the money to pay right now.

John answers:

I used to work for experian and in order for it to go onto the correct report she must have your SSN, BUT since she knows the address where you rented she can contact the light co,phone co,etc and get the SSN. If she really wants it bad enough she will find it one way or the other. Most landlords don’t even report it. The only ones that go to all that trouble are the bigger complexes and they usually have SSN on file.

Daniel asks…

Is there a way to rent from a management company with bad credit?

I bet the farm on a business venture and it went backrupt and me with a hopeless pile of debt and with my credit destroyed. I’ve learned to live without credit but always have a problem relocating because all RE management companies and many private landlords want a credit report. Is there any way around this?

John answers:

I work at a property management company. We do have to get a credit report on all of our potential tenants, however, bad credit does not necessarily mean you can’t rent. In fact, surprisingly few tenants ever get turned down, even when their credit scores are in the 400 range, and sometimes even worse than that. Sometimes a higher security deposit is required, but most of the time we can work with people. So if you haven’t applied to any place because you know your credit is bad, you might want to try anyway. Most property managers/landlords get a credit report to check for things like evictions, bad checks, etc, but don’t put as much value as you might think on the credit score. Hope this helps!

Laura asks…

How will a civil judgment affect my credit?

I am in a dispute with a former landlord that I think is going to end up in small claims court. If he wins, will this go on my credit report if I pay the judgment amount?

John answers:

If you ignore it and don’t pay it the FCRA states that this would remain on your credit report as follows:
Civil judgments – 7 years or the statute of limitations for your state, whichever one is longer (be advised, some states will keep it on report for 10 years and is renewable so it could be on longer, depending upon what state you live in.

If you PAY the debt at the court on the day of the case, then it will listed as “satified” and be expunged after the 7 years expired

Hope this answers your question

James asks…

Will I be able to obtain an apartment without ever having a credit report history?

So I’ve never had any debt or ever owned a credit card. I’m unable to obtain a credit report as well due to not having any past credits. Whenever i tried to get a credit report it always come out as “unable to obtain credit report”. Talked to the representative on the phone and she said that no past credit could be the case. All my information is correct as well My slate is clean as well.

John answers:

All a landlord wants to see is that you can easily afford the rent.
He/she may want 1 years worth of proof of income such as pay stubs or tax returns.
And they will want to make sure that that income can easily afford the rent.
If you run into problems, you can put larger deposits, or pay 6 months rent upfront.

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