Your Questions About Credit Reports For Landlords

Ken asks…

Where can I get a credit report on myself like landlords would get?

When I take an apartment, landlords get a credit report on me for like $50. Where do they do that? Is there a place online I can get it done for that price?

John answers:

Go to You can order your three credit scores and reports for $47.95. You can view them online for 30 days.

The ONLY scores that matter are your FICO scores. There are lots of companies out there selling false scores. At the website I listed, be sure to include the ’12’ as that will also give you any negative factors on your credit reports.

Susan asks…

Can landlords report negative ratings on my credit report?

I am trying to get out my lease for financial reasons I sent two letters to my landlord and she never replied. I called last night and left a messege. My lease states that I have to request in writing if I want to terminate my lease. I am guessing she is ignoring me. However I have to move or I’ll be paying rent late for the next 4 months. I have 6 months left on my lease

I was wondering if she’ll report this on my credit report. If so is it the standard report like Transunion, Experian

John answers:

The only way your pay history would be put on your credit report is if she evicts your or puts a judgment on your credit report. If you move out and owe the landlord money and don’t attempt to pay it off, then chances are it will end up as a judgment on your credit.

Robert asks…

Independent landlords and checking your credit report?

As I understand ~why~ a person who is renting an apartment or house would ~want~ to check your credit, I just heard a report on the news about someone using this method to steal unsuspecting renters identities. My husband and I are looking into renting and we’re wondering if checking credit is a common practice for landlords. We didn’t mind giving our credit information for the complex we live in now because it’s a business, not just one individual. I feel as though handing over my credit information to a landlord who rents out 1 or 2 houses would be like handing it over to a stranger on the street. Is there a way around this? Thanks!

John answers:

Provide them with your own copy to view in your presence: Explain your fears and concern: They should appreciate that: and also offer to let the speak with your prior landlords and maybe even a rep from your bank.

It is a common practice now, for all who are in property management.

Explain to them pulling your credit alters your score and you may be in the market to buy not just rent. That is why you have a current up to date credit file on you when out shopping. You can get one from:

John asks…


what exactly do apartment landlords look for when checking out credit reports?
That is not what i’m asking. I’m asking WHAT do they pay attention to on credit reports, for renting apartments?

John answers:

Normally they check to see what negative credit items you have. If you have over 33% of your reported items as “negative” you most likely will have to put down a large deposit.

If you have less than 33% negative and if you make three times what the apartment’s monthly rent is with your monthly salary, you’re good to go, smaller deposit and definite approval.

Carol asks…

What do landlords look for on your credit report?

There are good people in this world but some of us have been hit real hard by life. Even though their credit isn’t real bad but not real good either they are still good people just looking for a break but yet the landlord will not give you the apartment because of your credit. Dosen’t our personallity play a part also along with referrals. If all of us had excellent credit would we be renting?

John answers:

Landlords don’t just look at your credit score, but the look at your payments made to make sure you pay your bills on time.

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