Your Questions About Credit Reports For Business

Maria asks…

How long does it take for consistent car payments to show up on my credit report?

I started making payments on a 2012 chevy Cruz in October of 2011. I want to know when will that show on my credit report, so I can start getting credit cards?

John answers:

It is automatically updated every 30 days. Just run your free credit reports and it will show the monthly activity. Call Trans Union toll free @ 1-877-322-8228 for all 3 free reports. You’ll get them in the mail in about 10 business days.

Mark asks…

Where can I get a free credit report online?

I need to get a free credit report and was wondering what the best website for that is.

John answers:

The only authorized source endorsed by the government is:

You can verify that on the Federal Trade Commission webpage:

Every other site is a scam trying to make money selling you something you’re entitled for free. Those sites that scam (and spam yahoo answers) shouldn’t be trusted andyou could possibly expose yourself and your computer to viruses, trojan horses, data corruption, and identity theft.

AnnualCreditReport was created by the three nationwide consumer credit reporting companies – Equifax, Experian and TransUnion — to comply with government regulations allowing consumers to obtain their free credit reports from those three agencies.

Unlike scam companies, you don’t have to sign up for something and then remember to cancel since you’re not signing up for anything.

Everyone is entitled to one free credit report from each of the reporting agencies per year. It’s free. No fees or membership of any kind at all. If anyone asks for any kind of payment for anything they’re frauds.

FRAUD ALERT: is a scam. You only get the “free” report after enrolling in a $15-a-month credit monitoring program.

and any sites NOT mentioned on are PAY services you should watch out for. They spam the credit related questions on Yahoo Answers. That’s pretty sad and dishonest, and if they have that much time you know they’re not doing good business. They will automatically charge your credit if you do not cancel their service, so BUYER BEWARE!!!

John asks…

Can a company request a copy of my credit report to be viewed at the interview?

I have an interview coming up soon and they have requested me to bring a copy of my credit report with me to the interview. Yes, I did check and it is a legitimate company in my area. It’s not in a financial industry or even money handling so I don’t really understand why it is needed. Second, how do I explain the really bad credit that is on there? I really want this particular job!

John answers:

Yes, credit reports are being considered for more and more jobs. It’s unusual that you need to bring your own – they’re allowing you the opportunity to tamper with it.

If you’ve been fincncially irresponsible, it could be an indicator of professional irresponsibility, as well. Employee theft is often a business’ biggest loss. An employee with their back to a financial wall might be tempted to steal or commit another fraud they might not otherwise commit.

Ken asks…

How to remove paid credit items on credit report?

Im trying to purchase a home. I was told i had several balances. I paid 3 of them off in the middle of aug its late sept and I would like to remove them from my credit report. I did recieve all 3 letters stating i paid them off. But its still hurting my score. Im trying so hard to get this home but I need help and answer that would help me will be appreciated Thanks In advance.

John answers:

“Accurate” is the key word. If they are reporting with inaccuracies then dispute those inaccuracies. Chances are that since they have already gotten their money then they ‘may’ not bother to verify your dispute and if they don’t then the trade line will be removed.

It’s too late for you to do a PFD since you’ve already paid, to set the record straight from one of the answers in here .. It is not illegal to do a pay for delete for credit cards. There is absolutely no law regarding it. Instead, it’s just a business decision by the credit reporting agencies to request that collectors do not do them (though some collectors still do them for credit cards and other types of debts).

Sandra asks…

Ques: Is there a way to stop inquiries on your credit report since it gives a to many inquiry report?

Whenever I check my credit report, it has a heap of companies and other businesses that I know nothing about and they have checked into my credit status so that that can send or call me about using them or their product for additional credit or home/car financing without my knowing anything about them and this seems to bring down your credit score because to many have checked and your are not using them. This is why I want it to stop unless I have knowledge of them checking and I want them to check without a penalty to me.

John answers:

Inquiries like that should not count against your score, only inquiries that have to do with you applying for credit. If you check an Equifax report you’ll see different codes for the types of inquires. I’m not sure about the others.

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