Your Questions About Credit Reports And Score

Thomas asks…

How can I check my credit score and report from all three reporting agencies without signing up for any trials?

All I want is to pay money upfront for my credit reports and scores. I don’t want any monitoring or trials or anything for free. Why is it so hard to actually pay for things? I used to get all three from but now they are not offering Experian. I don’t mind paying more than one service.

John answers:

Go to This is the website established by the three agencies to provide free credit reports as required under FCRA and the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions (FACT) Act, which established the free annual credit report program.

John asks…

Where can I pay for an accurate credit report score?

Does anyone know a reliable website where you can pay a bit to get a one time, accurate credit score? I know of and sites like that where you can sign up for a privacy or other service and get the report that way, but is there a simple site where you just pay for your score?

John answers:

Keep this in mind.
Most lenders do not use your credit score to make their decision.

Ex: FHA mortgage companies do not even look at your score. Neither do most dealership places for buying a new car.

They look at your full report, along with your employment history and salary. They want to see if you are paying your bills on time and how long you have had credit.

Very best thing you can do is never pay a bill late and never carry a credit card balance. Some old ladies think that carrying a balance increases credit, when exactly the opposite is true.

What is important is that you KNOW what is in your report and make sure its accurate.
The only free website is ANNUALCREDITREPORT.COM
all others are scams that will charge your credit card a huge fee for something that is free. The feds are after them.

Mark asks…

Does having an account in Chex System lower your credit score?

I am paying off most of my debt this much. I owe Wachovia about $600 from an old checking account 2 years ago and it was sent to collections. The collection agency offered me a settlement of $300. Since then I was able to open an account with another bank. Since I do not plan on opening another account with Wachovia, how much damage would it be on my credit report/score if I do not pay the debt?

John answers:

Before you pay it, ask them for a pay for delete letter, so once paid they will take it off your credit report. If you don’t pay it, it’s 5 more years on your credit report and over time, with other good payment history you will re-establish, but, make sure you get the pay of delete when you pay. Good Luck!!

Ruth asks…

If items are deleted on my credit report, will my score rise?

Will my credit score rise if items are deleted off my credit report? I received an updated copy of my credit report yesterday. I had to dispute 10 items that were on my credit reports because they were all paid off or 6 of the items were not mine. Well, my credit scores were 534, 508 and 504. Will my credit score be higher since 6 of the items were deleted and the other 4 now state paid in full or settled?

John answers:

Yes your credit score should rise, how much depends on your credit file as a whole.

Maria asks…

My credit score is 642, 580 and 573 on my three credit reports. is it a poor or fair credit?

i paid off all my debts except a hospital bill which is around 10000 dollars. i dont have a foreclosure or repossesed items. i wanted to finance a car and even buy a house. what are my chances? i have applied for a best buy card recently and i was disapproved…help!

John answers:

?redit repair work?d fine to fix my credit. They disputed and removed lots of bad items from my credit report. I used this service –

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