Your Questions About Credit Reports And Score

Michael asks…

Credit Reports?

Does anyone know any good sites where I can check my credit score and report without having to enroll in any programs? Thanks a lot.

John answers:

Go to the source. You are entitled to 1 free report a year at no cost, however I believe you will have to pay a little to see your scores. See sources below.

Charles asks…

What’s the best site online to view all three credit reports and score?

I want to review my credit report and make sure everything is in order. I also want to see where my score is at right now. I heard there are several sites out there that offer this. I want to know from experience what is the best site, great service and price etc. Thanks all

John answers: is one of the best sites for reviewing your credit file and fico score.

Maria asks…

Which is the best website to view a credit report and score?

I’d like to get my credit score and report for under $20. I am not eligible for a free report from because I checked that less than a year ago. I’m also not interested in making monthly payments, I’d rather pay a one time fee for the reports.

John answers:

I’m pretty sure you can get your credit report for a one time fee from

Chris asks…

I’m repairing my credit. How can I monitor my credit score periodically from all 3 credit reporting agencies.

I’m 33 years old and in the process of rebuilding my credit from my reckless youth. I’ve paid off almost all my outstanding credit card debt and have a few new cards that I’m doing well with but I would like to watch my credit scores rise from all three reporting agencies (Equifax, TransUnion and Experian).

I know the score has gone up some in the last few months and my ultimate goal is home ownership so I would like to monitor them.

I went to but I believe that is a one-time kind of report/score. I’m looking for updated monitoring. Does anyone know of a RELIABLE company that will do this for me?


John answers:

You can spread out your free credit reports from each credit bureau thru out the year. Get them thru You will have to pay for the score ($6 to $8).

But if you are just interested in score watching, MyFICO is the best place. You are getting real FICO scores and not the credit scoring system made up by the credit bureau. You will have to pay for the service.

Donna asks…

If I provide my own credit reports and score, do I still have to pay a mortgage lender the credit report fee?

Do they still have to obtain their own copy of my credit report?
This is for a home mortgage loan; first time buyer.

John answers:

Yep. They will run their own, probably twice. It should not cost very much, they pay a yearly fee to run them.

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