Your Questions About Credit Reports And Score

Sandy asks…

What credit reporting agency do GM dealerships use?

I want to check my credit report and score ahead of time, before applying for GM financing. However I’d rather only buy 1 instead of all 3. If I can find out which Credit Bureau they use, that will tell me which one to buy.

John answers:

A GM dealer may use all or one of the reporting agencies. Very likely that the primary one is Experian.

Jenny asks…

Where is a god place to check credit report and score?

I know of, but that sounds like a business and way to get money. What is a good place to get you free annual credit report and score?

John answers:

ANNUALCREDITREPORT.COM is the place to get your free reports but real F.I.C.O. Scores are not for for that you need to go to either or and pay a small fee.

Thomas asks…

Is there a web site that we can get a free copy of our credit report?

I thought we where able to get one free copy, of our credit report & score once a year.Can anyone help?

John answers:


Steven asks…

Why do I have a credit score when I have never had a credit card or loans?

I have never had a credit card or any loans but for some reason I have a credit score. I applied for a credit card recently and they sent me a copy of my credit report and score which I’m confused about. My score was 638. I was wondering if there are other factors or something in deciding your credit score?

John answers:

I guess that could be a starting score.

Mary asks…

How to raise my credit score from 561?

So, I just got my credit report and my score is 561.
I do not have any current credit cards. Just 2 closed cards. My oldest card is 3 1/2 yrs old with the amt of $485. And the second $283.
And I have 6 open accounts in collections from the hospital 2 years ago when I didn’t have health insurance, which totals approximately $900.
I’m working part time. I just had my first baby 4 months ago and having him has made me want to fix my credit and become financially responsible. My fiancé and I would like to purchase a home in the future and I want my credit to be in good standing.
So, what are your suggestions on me fixing my credit and rebuilding it?

John answers:

Pay off the 900 bucks in collections.

Pay off BOTH of the credit cards.

In the future use the credit card just to pay it off at the end of the month, Do not put more than 50% of your available credit on credit card, in other words, don’t max it out.!!!

Keep one or two credit cards open,

Do not do ANY credit inquiries.

Within 3 years your score should be atleast a 650….

Oh and If you guys get married and your fiancé has good credit, yoru score AUTOMATICALLY goes up right there.

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