Your Questions About Credit Reports And Employment

George asks…

Where can I find information on my entire employment history from 1991-1997?

I am applying for City and Government jobs that require I detail my entire employment history. The trouble is, I can’t seem to remember all the jobs I’ve held since graduating high school in 1991. I do have a record of the past ten years though, since normally, this is what employers want. I have pulled up my credit report, that only listed one or two of my most recent jobs. The Work Number only lists jobs that employers have paid to enlist their services. Any other ideas on how to get my information?

John answers:

The social security office can find that out for you, here:*&p_li=&p_topview=1

Sharon asks…

Iam trying to improve my credit and payoff my negative items on my report. What is the best way?

This is a new employment aggreement for all employees to have their credit in good standing or to at least show that you are paying your negative items on your credit report for the upcoming year or risk of losing their job. I only have like 8 mo. left.

John answers:

Wow…that’s a pretty strong requirement.

Here’s are my thoughts:

1) do not get a debt consolidation loan or go to a credit counselor. Neither of these will solve your problem. Plus, a credit counselor will show up as a negative mark on your credit report.

2) get on a written budget and start using cash for things that you overspend on.

3) if you’re behind on payments, then call the companies and attempt to workout a payment plan or settle the debt (if it’s old).

Checkout my website for details on how to get out of debt. I don’t sell anything, just offering advice.

Also, you can contact me personally if you need some help getting on a plan.


John asks…

What is a good trusted site to get my credit score?

I want to know my credit score but can’t seem to find a site that offers your score with no gimmicks. How much does it cost? I have gotten my credit report but I couldn’t get my score there.

John answers:

Unfortunately, you are going to have to pay to get your ‘credit SCORE’.

Your are entitled to a free credit REPORT once every 12 months or if you have been denied credit or if you are unemployed and actively seeking employment.

Your credit SCORE is another matter.

You get your credit SCORE by contacting Equifax, Trans-Union and Experian.

All three SCORES will vary slightly as they use their own internal system to grade credit.

God Bless.

Donald asks…

Why is my bank and credit card company running random credit checks on me and how is this affecting my fico?

I was just checking my credit report and noticed that chase, first usa, first entertainment union amongst others, have been running credit checks without my consent. I have accounts with all of these companies and have had them for years but there should be no reason for them to check my credit. Does this affect my fico score and how can I stop them from unsolicited credit checks.

John answers:

They are most likely checking to see if you qualify for an offer they want to send you.
As part of the accounts you have with the banks, you gave them the right do these random checks. Don’t worry, these kind of checks have NO impact on your credit score.
Employment background credit checks also don’t impact your credit score.
Only checks that you specifically authorize for a specific loan or purchase have an impact on your credit

Maria asks…

What does the typical 6 day background check consist of?

Criminal and credit reports, checking that you graduated from the college you claimed, having woprked at the places you claimed on your resume?

Is this accurate, missing anything else?

John answers:

As a background screening professional, I have never heard of a typical 6 day background check. Our company can check for the following services, but it is up to the individual employer to decide what services they wish to receive:

Criminal, Driving Record, Credit Report, Employment Verification, Education Verification, Civil Records, Federal Criminal, Federal Civil, Federal Bankruptcy, Professional and/or Personal References.

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