Your Questions About Credit Reports

Lizzie asks…

How can you get your credit report without joining a club and give out your credit card number?

All of these free credit report on the internet require your credit card info and want oyu to join a club which is totally crazy to me. If I need to join a club I would have asked for membership info. So there is no such thing as free credit reoprt at all?

John answers: is the site mandated by the FTC to allow you online access to your free annual credit reports from each of the three credit bureaus. Reports are free; scores are not. offers a free score estimator based on your TransUnion credit report. It’s not FICO (the score creditors use). But it’s kinda, sorta like FICO, give or take 50 points or so. Good enough if you are just curious about your score.

Ruth asks…

How do I get an incorrect address removed from credit report?

I’m checking all 3 of my credit reports. Everything is accurate except for one of them has an address incorrect. I’ve never lived anywhere near that town. I clicked the “dispute an item” button, and it said I could not dispute it because it was verified by public records! I checked for any public records, and there are none in my report. Anyone got any ideas?

John answers:

You only need to contact the bureau that is reporting the error. Experian doesn’t like to delete addresses, the other 2 will without any problems.

But, definitely do it by mail.

Daniel asks…

How do I get a real free credit report without having to use a credit card to get it?

I need to find out what my credit report looks like. But, I have run into several sites where I have to enter my credit card information. My husband found a site where he did NOT have to use any credit card information but we cannot find the link anywhere. Do you know where I can find this site/link?

John answers:

Every consumer in America has the right to a free credit report once every year by law as of September 2005. But since that law has passed there has been nothing but confusion.

The web sites that say they are offering this so called free credit report, are asking us to give them our credit card information. Does that sound like a free credit report to you?

You may have even given your credit card number to these companies to sign up for a thirty day trial for a credit service that has almost nothing to do with getting your free credit report.

In all fairness, you can cancel this service after thirty days. But how many people do you think forget and end up with monthly or even annual credit card charges?

In fact, these companies are counting on you forgetting about the thirty day trial and charging that fee on your credit card. But if the law says you get a free report, what’s the deal?

A lot of people are confused about these free credit reports because of how some companies are marketing the free credit report. Hopefully, this information will clear a few things up for you.

For people who just want the bottom line, a free credit report is available at and this is the only official site that helps consumers to obtain their annual free credit report.

This site’s security protocols are excellent with physical and technological security and encryption. That’s important for identity theft purposes because the information on your credit report should be seen by your eyes only.

So if this site is readily available and anyone can get a free credit report once a year, what’s the catch? Here is the catch: the credit report you get from does not have any credit scores.

Now you may be asking, “Then what good is getting this free credit report without a credit score?” There are a few good reasons why you may want to look at your credit report even without a credit score.

Did you know that more than forty percent of all credit reports have errors? If you spot these errors, you can get them cleared up before it affects your credit score. If you contact a credit bureau about an error, they have to clear it up or remove it after thirty days by law.

Bye Good Luck…

Maria asks…

How can a private lender add payment history to credit report?

Is there a service that will provide private lenders with payment history reporting on debtors’ credit reports?

I have a mortgage from a private lender (not a relative, a private institution). The mortgage does not show up on my credit report at all, which makes my credit score lower than it could be as TransUnion notes I am being penalized for not having mortgage history.

John answers:

Your lender would have to pay the fees to subscribe to the credit bureau. It isn’t cheap. Does your lender use one of the other two credit bureaus? Not all creditors belong to all three.

There is an alternative for you but this would be just a one shot listing of the mortgage. There would be no updates which wouldn’t really help your score.

Sharon asks…

How do I get a “Free Credit Report” without going to the 3 sites on the web?

They aren’t free and require sign-up or enrollment. What do people do without a computer and do these companies have a monopoly on credit reports?

John answers:


This is the government mandated website where you can get 1 free credit report from the 3 credit bureaus for FREE. It will not ask for your credit card.

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